Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vic de Leon: Overcoming Obstacles

The young and vibrant singer/songwriter, Vic de Leon is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and reaching for the stars.  From struggling with his weight, to trying to find the right way to connect with his music, the rising star has found ways to persevere in every aspect of his life and will stop at nothing to meet his goals.

Vic has been surrounded by music from an early age whether it was at home or in school he was constantly singing and performing for others, so it was no surprise that he was voted most likely to be famous in his high school yearbook.  Both of Vic’s parents have good singing voices so it was only natural to pick up on this talent, as he got older. 

De Leon describes weight loss as the biggest challenge and learning experience for him in this industry highlighting that the industry’s command for top notch appearances as something that he took into account on his journey downward, from 300 pounds! “I aim to inspire other kids, teens and adults that are struggling with obesity. I found that focusing on losing the weight as opposed to focusing on all the negative attention and thoughts that came from it, would ultimately make me happier and better at reaching my goals,” he shares.   As an artist, Vic de Leon’s overall goal is to inspire and motivate all people to work toward their goals and says that we are all capable of making beautiful things happen for ourselves if we are focused and determined.

Vic de Leon’s recent single, “Here and Now” tells the story of a man who loves his woman “here and now then and after” lending itself to smooth vocals and a gentle strum of the guitar.  Vic shared the difficulty of transmitting this loving and gentle energy while recording, saying, “I started to visualize my mother, old and in her death bed telling me her last words while I was singing this song for her. I had flash backs of myself as a kid and all the things she would do for me. I would hope to give my kids someday the same love she gives me now, I broke down in tears while I was recording the song.”  The tears did the trick, giving the song the touching and heartfelt sentiment it needed. 

Vic’s ultimate goal is to become a household name and be able to transmit his energy and passion for his work to the masses.  “Making a difference in people lives would mean the world to me,” he says and stays humble in his ways stressing the love he has for all of his fans and supporters.  His humble nature and positive outlook is something that resonates with all who hear him and is sure to make an impact on many more as time goes on.

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Youtube Channel Big Victor Joel

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