Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emily Muli: Altruistic, Talented and Studious

At the tender age of 19, Emily Muli is taking on music in an altruistic and studious way.  The young singer/songwriter has been up on stage singing and reciting church hymns since the age of three, and she plans to continue this miniature legacy that she has created.  Emily resides in New Zealand, and is studying Commerce and Music, all the while trying to spread a positive and uplifting message through her music.

A passion for putting pen to paper is what made Emily truly confirm that music was the path down which she wanted to travel.  “Growing up I was always busy with dance and school, but music and songwriting was always the one thing I would turn to when I had time,” says Emily.  Today, she combines that love with her studies which she says is something she is grateful for “I am lucky that my music classes require me to write songs - this has been so rewarding and I am finding myself writing songs I wouldn't have written if I just studied commerce.”

Another passion of Emily’s is the standing up for social injustices, not just within her country, but around the world! She currently holds the position of “World Vision New Zealand 2015 World Faith Ambassador”, a program that allows young leaders to travel to other parts of the world and stand up for social injustices.  “Being grounded in my faith also helped me to realize that giving and helping is a lot more rewarding than keeping everything I have to myself, ESPECIALLY love. With music, I love to write about things that I experience or things that stir deep within the soul, so I know that my music will definitely portray my passions and also what I want to change,” she shares.

Emily identifies herself as a neo-soul artist, but admits that this is not the only place she sees herself—this title comes from soul, reggae and R&B influences that surrounded her while growing up, “I think they’re all infused in my music.”  In the near future, Emily will be releasing more music and says that while school may keep her busy, there is nothing that can keep her away from doing what she loves. 

Connect with Emily:
SoundCloud: Emily Muli
YouTube: EmilyCbswy
Twitter: @emilymuli
Instagram: @emilymuli

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