Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meg Scully: Broadway and Bright Lights

It started as an interest, that turned into a dream, mixed in with a dose of confidence—today, singer and actress, Meagan Scully, is going full steam ahead toward her dream of becoming one of the greats to hit the Broadway stage.  "It wasn't until I was fourteen that I really became enamored with Broadway and ever since then I've pictured myself doing nothing else,” says Meagan.  She dreams to one day be able to transmit an infectious sense of happiness through her work and be able to inspire all who see her through performance.

While Broadway is the ultimate goal, Meagan has gotten her experience and confidence from a very particular place—singing the national anthem at local sporting events.  “Looking back on the eight years of singing the national anthem I can see how much I have grown and how much my voice has matured,” she shares; however, her heart remains on Broadway and with good reason.  Meagan shared that a 2011 performance as Joanna in the play Rent truly allowed her to see what it is like to move a crowd through her passion of performance.    

Meagan remains humble, sharing that her parents are and always have been her biggest motivation in pursuing her dreams.  She hopes to one day look down to the front row of the mezzanine and see her parents staring back, proudly telling those sitting beside them that Meagan is their daughter.  She also mentioned Broadway actress Sierra Boggess as a true inspiration, as well as her vocal coach, John Corrie, who she can never forget, saying, “I have no idea where I would be without his teaching and guidance and when the time comes I will make sure he is sitting right next to my parents. Only he will be saying: She was my vocal student."

Upon graduating college, this coming May, Meagan plans to audition for Disney in hopes gaining new opportunities and more exposure.  She will also be doing more to improve her vocals, and share her voice with others, especially over the Internet.  “I am a very motivated person who does not take no for an answer…someday I will be performing on a Broadway stage. Just wait and see.”   

Connect with Meg Scully:
Instagram:  @MegScully18

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