Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kewin Cosmos: Well Grounded & Well Loved

They say that it is best to surround yourself with people who believe in your dream, that doing so will help you flourish in whatever it is you aim to achieve. Brooklyn native Kewin Cosmos has sure mastered the art of surrounding himself with positive people who encourage his success and believe in his dream.  With a current following of over ten thousand on Twitter, more than five hundred YouTube subscribers, and over a thousand likes on his Facebook music page it is no wonder that Kewin is always working hard to create new music and material for his fans—Team Cosmos. 

Kewin has been surrounded by music since he was very young, and says that at the age of eight he learned songs by artists like Usher and Marc Anthony without even knowing how they’d been submitted to memory. “We had a cassette player and I was just learning all the songs…I would just sing and sing,” he says.  As a teen, Kewin spent some time in the Dominican Republic where his neighbor’s singing voice made a huge impression on him, “He sang a lot and taught me how to sing with feeling.”  He recalls a time when this man, was singing in a park, “Since that day I was like man, I have to sing.”  From there, he went on to perfect his voice and never gave up, he describes his first studio experience with much joy saying “The first time I went into an actual studio I almost fainted, I wanted to stay there!”

When he was younger, Kewin went to a music store and bought whatever equipment he could afford with the money he had.  Then, went home and taught himself how to assemble everything.  “I don’t want to hold myself back so I’m always working and training myself to be where I want to be,” he says, “…when I make something and it sounds really good that makes me so happy…music is what makes me.”          

Saying motivated in this industry is an uphill battle but Kewin finds ways to keep going.  “Honestly, my mom is more motivation toward making it in life.  When we were younger we had a hard time…she is my motivation to keep doing.” he says.  “My friends [also] keep me motivated.  Victor Cruz, and Wilbur and Dawin Polanco they write things that are like ‘wow.’” 

Kewin’s describes his fans as the most rewarding feature of what he does “I can see they love what I do.”  In the coming months, Kewin will be working on a lot of interviews and promotional materials to help his fans get to know him better.  “I have music videos coming up,” he says, and is looking to interact more and more with his supporters, Team Cosmos. 

Kewin's Bachata Medley with songs from artists such as Aventura, Prince Royce, Xtreme, and Romeo Santos earned his vocals a good reputation before releasing his current EP.  Kewin’s EP Encuentro y Olvido which you can listen to and download below has six original tracks whose sound and lyrics are sure to touch your soul; Kewin’s two favorites being Crater Volcanico and Imaginate.  Crater Volcanico…I just feel like there’s an emotion behind that song and Imaginate, you know guys, we want to do so much with a girl in a relationship,” he laughs. 

Last week, Kewin was able to showcase his talent at Pedro’s Kitchen and Brew in Williamsburg Brooklyn where his family, friends, and fans alike were able to see him doing what he loves.  The quality of his voice in the live scene did not disappoint when compared to his studio-recorded music and he was able to keep the audience entertained with his dancing and crowd interaction.  The energy in the room was incredible and he sang with an emotion that moved the room.

With the right people in his corner and a talent that cannot be questioned Kewin is on his way to the top.  His message to the world is one of inspiration, “As a kid my brothers, mom, [and I] were in a place where we had [no] chance of achieving any goals. I just want the world to know that no matter how hard life gets, believe in the fighter that's [within] you! …We all have it, and when we have nothing left [it’s] the best time to use him or her. I've used [the fighter in me] as much as I can & I stand achieving my goals.  So live and succeed like it’s your last chance.”

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stefano: Always Resilient

“I’m 24 years young, but I have lived a hell of a life,” says former American Idol contestant Stefano Langone. Fano, as many call him, learned music at a very young age through the guidance of his father and grandfather.  However, it was not until much later that he decided to audition for American Idol (Season 10).  He says that his intentions with doing the show were not to win, but to get his foot in the door of the music industry.  Through the show he experienced tremendous growth and now Stefano not only has more experience under his belt, but he has also been signed to Hollywood Records.

With Stefano’s latest single “Yes To Love” peeking the Top 40 charts, and the single also being picked up by ABC network’s “The Bachelorette” it is fair to say that Stefano is heading in the right direction, but the circumstances have not always been so positive.  In 2009, Stefano was involved in a nearly fatal car accident.  “They said I wouldn’t be able to walk again or even play the piano and I kinda said no way…I’m gonna make my own destiny here and I came out on top of it and I use it in the industry and in anything I do,” he says.  “Being in an accident like that you recognize that it can all be taken away so quickly,” Stefano points out as he reflects on the complete turn around that he’s made over the past few years and says it's important to make the best out of what we have in life.  “It proved I was a resilient person…I work until I can’t anymore.”
Stefano’s father, Ernie Langone, is an integral part of Fano's music career being that he too is a musician.  “Vocally and musically,” Fano says, “the way I interpret and phrase things are similar to [my father]—I get it from him.”  Stefano looks up to his father very much and seeks guidance from him in everything he does.   His biggest fan in his personal life he says would have to be his mother “she knows more about what I do than I do” he laughs saying that she always makes him push toward greatness.  She has watched her son grow in the industry and it’s fair to say that she is very proud of what he has accomplished thus far. 

Fano does not take the strong support system at home for granted, in fact he tends to be highly critical of himself.  However, if he had to choose his toughest critic aside from the man in the mirror he would say it's general public.  “The fans out there and the people who are in the industry.” Stefano is no stranger to tough criticism though! He says that by being raised in a Mexican/ Italian household and coming from a show that is all about criticism only helped him.  “I think I had tough skin before and I was that much more prepared for it after,” he says.  

The pressure that comes with the industry is something that Stefano says drives him more toward success, “without pressure there can’t be relief.”  He says that rather than looking at it as pressure he views it as always being ready.  It gives him the urge to survive and keep moving up in what he does and compares that feeling to how he survived his accident, “do or die, it’s up to me.” 

His journey is one that cannot be matched and everything from Idol (and even before)  all the way to his current fame has been a rollercoaster ride but he is more than willing to hang on for the trip.  “Right now is pretty exciting” he says highlighting the fact that he was about to hit the Top 40 for the first time in his career and the shows he has coming up this summer, “I’m so ready” he says but remains humble, “I’m so close yet so far.”  Being asked what his ultimate dream would be Fano states, “I think right now it’s definitely winning a Grammy and being recognized in the industry as a whole…moving forward every day, I keep those goals close to me.”

Being that Sefano has been steadily successful in the past few years, and is slowly making a climb to the top I asked what advice he could offer to those who are just starting out.  “There’s so much to say,” he sighed not knowing where to begin, “don’t be afraid of failure or the road it takes to succeed.  If you love and have passion for something then give it all you have… you have to have passion…realize that it will not always be what it seems to be.”  Stefano’s favorite part of what he does is getting up in front of people and being able to show what he has on the stage.  He says it is his ability to share the gift that he is given that makes everything he does worthwhile.  “I’ve gotten this far because I have something to say and something to give back,” and says in order to stay motivated he is constantly reminding himself that if he doesn’t get better he won’t go further; he wants more out of this.

To his adoring fans throughout the world he says “thank you,” and praises them for helping him expand his fan base, watch him grow, and spreading the word; he is infinitely grateful.  “It’s been a true journey and it’s special.”

Stefano has a good head on his shoulders and takes nothing in life for granted.  This past month he performed “Yes To Love” on the Idol stage in front of the top 4 contestants receiving a standing ovation from all four judges for a flawless performance. 

With many new things in the works, and his album “Suffer in the Sunshine” possibly coming out this summer we have much to look forward to with this rising talent.  “I’m here to serve, to give what I have been given and share that with others.  I will make my mark in a good way…”

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