Monday, November 17, 2014

Luis Figueroa: An Artistic Journey

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What began, as a secret hobby that he practiced in the basement of his home has now become a way of life for R&B artist, Luis Figueroa.  Influenced, in his early years, by Latino artists such as Luis Miguel and Jerry Rivera, Luis picked up on the seductive and intriguing nature with which these artists captured the hearts of many and felt that he too was capable of something great.  “The one thing that’s been consistent in my thought process and in my life in general has been music.  I think I have just always known and have been blessed enough to have gone in the right path,” he shares.

Luis’s musical experiences come form all angles of life.  As a child, he participated in Star Search, and then later on was an American Idol contestant.  While these experiences shaped Luis in different ways, one of the most defining moments in molding him as an artist came from his experiences at Berklee College of Music.   “Berklee shaped me where I never ever stopped being a student.  It taught me to really pay attention and listen,” he says. 

The school also introduced him to a plethora of new artists, especially within the R&B world.  As a child, Luis’s mother only allowed him to listen to Spanish music so that she could monitor what he was listening to.  “I was 17-18 coming into Berklee and finally being exposed to these singers which to me now are like my standard of a great singer,” he says, adding that while it was against the rules of the home, he would still sneak around and listen to people like Craig David, along with his older sister’s Blackstreet and SWV albums. 

Currently, Luis is in one of the most exciting phases of his career.  His social media growth has expanded tremendously over time, giving him a loyal and consistent following.  He is also signed to Nasri ofTheMessengers, which he describes as his biggest learning experience thus far.  “They get to oversee your product, so at the end of the day, you don’t want to ever show them anything that is terrible or mediocre that will mess up their vision of you.  I’m always trying to stay fresh and keep them excited,” he shares.

Luis aims to spread a message of overall positivity through his story and his music.  “I just want to inspire the youth,” he says, adding that while he came from a rough part of Philadelphia, there is always a way out.  “It starts with a dream and then after that it’s all about determination and the vision and reaching that goal.”  Luis will be releasing his EP in early 2015, and promises that it will be a surprising, feel good EP that will include songs in both English and Spanish.

Connect with Luis:
Facebook:  Luis Figueroa
Twitter:  @iamluisfigueroa
Instagram: @iiamluisfigueroa
YouTube: Luis Figueroa

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