Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jayh: A Different Definition

Singer, songwriter, actress and activist—Jayh is the perfect example of what it means to be selflessly talented.  Jayh’s early years consisted of plays, talent shows and church groups all revolving around the world of performance, art and music.  I can't really say that there was a specific thing that got me started in this world,” she shares, remembering a time where she would sit outside waiting for the school bus hours before it arrived, just so that she could sit alone and sing.

While singing is a talent that Jayh has always embraced, she struggled in the past to grip her natural ability to act.  However, after effortlessly landing a few lead roles in plays and getting compliments from all over, Jayh decided that maybe this was just another one of her God given talents.  “Acting has taught me to trust myself,’ she says, “It has taught me to always be confident in myself and in my performances.”

Jayh’s role models from a career standpoint are strong women who reflect hard work and dedication; Beyoncé and Oprah.  While she says she has always looked up to Beyoncé for her voice, stage presence and overall self-motivation, she has a newfound admiration for Oprah.  “She gives and gives and gives and encourages people. She extends her hand and gives other people opportunities to be greater. It's exactly what I want to do with my platform and gift. Less about me, and more about the people!” says Jayh.

Today, Jayh has done just that.  After endless soul searching and trying to find how she fits into an industry that capitalizes on trends, Jayh realized that she was simply better off just being herself.  She has now created a movement called “A Different Definition”, something that she is very proud of and has worked to realize for quite some time.  “A Different Definition focuses on the beauty, confidence, happiness, and relationships of women through music, media, and discussion,” Jayh describes.  Her goal is to get women to redefine the way they see themselves in the different aspects of their lives.  “I did the official launch in May of this year with the first tier A Different Definition of Beauty. This tier focuses on helping women embrace their beauty by accepting their insecurities. The next two tiers focus on love and life!” 

Soon, we will be able to see a new website and some original music from Jayh especially surrounding her new movement “A Different Definition”.  For now, she leaves us with these encouraging words, “Who you are matters a lot more than who you think you are!  Stand in your truth and embrace every part of you!”   

Connect with Jayh:  
Twitter: @jayhsings

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