Sunday, August 30, 2015

John The Voice: Sleek Talent

Jhoni the Voice is a Laitno urban music artist who is sure to melt the hearts of those who hear him with his smooth vocals and penetrating lyrics. Born in the Dominican Republic, and moving to New York in his early teens, Jhoni’s musical expertise stems from his intuitive love of music mixed with his education as a recording engineer obtained at Orlando’s Full Sail University. Jhoni says that the reason he began to pick up a pen and write music was because life simply inspired him to do so, “From people who tell me crazy stories to minimalistic situations in my life, I write about everything.”

Jhoni’s journey does not come without challenge, as he says it has been quite difficult for him to break in to the mainstream market and pursue his ultimate goal of establishing himself as the face of Latin music. However, he does not let this discourage him and prides himself in being able to release his very first EP, The Jhoni the Voice EP, “It is a compilation of everything I have worked on and worked for,” he shares.

Recently, Jhoni has released two new songs, Dime and the most recent single and music video for El Narrador. Jhoni is slated to release his full Unplugged album in the coming months and will continue to work hard to make his dreams a reality. In the meantime, he has one message for all who read this: “Good music still exists. There are a lot of artists out there, like me, who still fight for something good and who want to represent something that’s bigger...I want to be the voice. I want to be that next thing.”


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Monday, August 3, 2015

Meresha: New Revolution

From the little girl who wrote her first song at the age of 12, to a young lady who is ready to hit the ground running with her electric and unique sound, Meresha is officially a force to be reckoned with.  Currently, she is working on promoting her debut EP, New Revolution and says that at some point in the near future she plans to “take over the world.”

How could someone so young be so vibrant, resilient and full of life? It is hard to tell, but what is evident is that Meresha will stop at nothing to reach her goals.  A couple of years ago, still in her teens, Meresha launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch her music for the first time LIVE at a B.B. King’s music club.  Soon after, she decided that music was her calling and she would give all she had to get to where she wants to be.

Meresha’s EP New Revolution is indicative of her journey.  After moving to the US from Warsaw 3 years ago, she was on a mission to become someone in the world of music—a courageous risk that few have taken.  “The way I am trying to build my career, as an independent female musician, while maybe not unique, is still quite revolutionary.  There arent many role models,” she shares.  By releasing her EP via a new social platform called, TSU, Meresha also feels that the production embodied something special from production to distribution. 

In the future, Meresha plans on continuing to put out good music for her fans and making the most out of her journey as an independent artist.  “Getting fans from around the world and having my music played on stations all over gave me a taste of what is still to come,” she says. Meresha is different in that she has taken her music from start to finish and says, “…the different sounds Ive taken in and experiences I've had will hopefully lead to a mix that appeals to my fans.”

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Foam Ropes: Thoughtful...Provocative...Worthwhile...

“Thoughtful, provocative, colorful, and worthwhile…” that is how singer, songwriter Derek Nicoletto, lead vocalist of Foam Ropes would describe his music.  Foam Ropes is an indie pop musical delight that is sure to make you think, and feel all at once.  Their music has a lot of heart, and comes with an enticing nature that just leaves you asking for more.

Being an indie artist is not always easy though.  Without the financial backing of a major record label and the “connections” that comes with it, Foam Ropes have had a hard time being able to get their music heard by the masses.  In the era of who can scream the loudest, it’s tough to get heard,” explains Derek.  However, this does not stop Derek  from doing what he loves as music is something that comes naturally to Derek and he explained that the greatest pleasure that comes with his music is the ability to write powerful lyrics that can resonate with people he’s never even met in his life.  He also shares, “There are no backing tracks in Foam Ropes.  Each note is from a human.  The thrill of this is the same danger and excitement you get in live theater.  The ride of giving a live performance is something to which I’m deeply, deeply addicted.”

Performance and great lyrics, that is what Foam Ropes is all about and with writing lyrics comes a deep connection to the writer.  Derek shares that the most personal song he has written is a song titled, “Birches”, which tells of the suicide of a close friend.  “I cannot get through it yet in rehearsals without breaking apart.  My bandmates know the story, so they are very gentle and play it with incredible care, meaning and respect.”

Once listening to Foam Ropes’ music one could clearly feel that there is meaning that lies in every song.  From the lyrics, to the delivery and even the musical arrangement, there is no doubt about the fact that there is a true love and passion for music that runs through each of these melodies.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Anna Luxion: Connect and Think

Anna Luxion, is a singer/songwriter who has taken her music to new heights through her fearless pursuit to make quality music.  While some people know all along that they are meant to be in the spotlight, it took Anna some time to come to the realization that music was her thing, but music always came naturally to her.  As a child, Anna’s interest in music started with playing the guitar and by the time she got to college she inched closer and closer to the idea of doing music full time. Finally she decided to take some music classes, and eventually became a Theory/Composition major with a minor in Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University.  Anna’s vast knowledge of music and passion for raw emotion in song lead her to realize, “I can use the "textbook" side of music to enhance those emotions that I'm trying to get across.”

Anna’s music never goes without much thought and precise vision.  Her recent single, Magpies, tells of the importance of looking beyond material things and into the more important things in life.  I had been thinking a lot about how focused we can be on material ideas and objects,” says Anna, “[magpies] are birds most known for their obsession with shiny things, even if the things themselves are worthless,” hence the song’s title.  Magpies is the first single off of Anna’s second album that she hopes to have out early next year (*fingers crossed*)!

After being in LA for only a couple of months, Anna is adjusting nicely to the new environment, allowing herself to embrace the talent she is constantly surrounded by and use the success and hard work of others as motivation to keep working toward her own goals.  In the future, Anna plans on working hard to release new music for her audience, as she continues working toward improving as an artist. 

Anna’s music goes beyond being a pretty sound, her lyrics are filled with purpose, “I think, in this life, certain people are given gifts and talents and opportunities, in order to fill roles. And I feel like one of my roles is to help people connect and think.”

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Twitter: @AnnaLuxion

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sarah Wise: Beyond a Voice

In love with the music and moved by passionate lyrics, the young and witty Sarah Wise is nothing short of a well rounded artist.  Sarah admits that while she was always singing as a kid, what really drew her in to music was the opportunity to be creative and release any and all kinds of energy through her words.  “I would be upset or angry and writing a song was releasing that stress,” shares Sarah.

Sarah’s music is a good mix of heartwarming lyrics and a soulful, cool vibe that is an unlikely combination to come by.  Her early musical influence was Celine Dion, however now she says that her taste in music ranges from Cristina Perry and Sia to Drake and BeyoncĂ©.

As an artist, Sarah describes herself as someone who does her music with a lot of feeling.  When listening to a song, Sarah places a huge emphasis on lyrics and how the lyrics in a song make her feel.  This is something that she tries to incorporate when she is writing her songs; heartfelt and touching lyrics that people can relate to.  In two of her singles, “Toxic Love” and “Forgot How to Say Goodbye”, Sarah says she was able to use personal experience to write songs that many can relate to.  Sarah says that for her, “being able to write something and turn it into something great was a way to get over the situation and in a way boost my self-esteem because song writing is an excellent reminder of a talent you have.”

It is evident that music is Sarah’s one true love, and her motive in doing music goes beyond just making music, and on to being able to touch the hearts of all who hear her.  Her ultimate goal is to be able to tour with her music and touch other people’s hearts in the way that other artists have touched her.  But for now, she remains happy doing her music, expanding her fan base, and being able to share her love of music with anyone who will be kind enough to listen.

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Instagram: @sarahannecw
Soundcloud:  Sarah Cecilia

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tiffany Janell: Power and Soul

It all started in the backseat of a car.  As she was riding along listening to Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, Tiffany Janell, who was 10 years old at the time, began to sing along.  Tiffany’s parents paused in awe, asking her to keep singing, in acapella and now, years later she graces us all with her soulful and vibrant voice through her different social media channels.   Her voice has a power and emotion that will leave you wanting more, and Tiffany’s infectious personality will have you wondering just what she has to offer to the world.

While Tiffany says that she can identify with many genres of music from Jazz, to Salsa, she admits that her home is in R&B/Soul.  Her musical influences vary, “Currently If P!nk and Adele had a musical baby it would be Tiffany Janell,” she says.  However, growing up in a Puerto Rican household, Tiffany was also influenced by artists like La India, Marc Anthony and La Lupe.

Tiffany’s ultimate goal is to be able to do music full time.  She has gone to great lengths to be able to make this dream a reality, moving from Philly to California in order to pursue her dream.  It has its challenges, but I've learned the hard way nothing grows in comfort zones,” she shares. Tiffany dreams of one day having crowds of people singing her music with her and she hopes to make music that people can relate to; just like her musical role model, Pink.

Tiffany’s message to the world is loud and clear, “be reminded that your dreams matter!”  She hopes to inspire people to invest love and time in themselves, saying that everyone should “sing and dance to your own beat.”

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Youtube:  Tianelle77

Monday, June 1, 2015

Zaiah: Strength and Soul

Zaiah is a soulful and unique singer songwriter from Indiana who knows first hand what it is to trade a normal life for his burning passion of music.  Zaiah’s music career started early on—his mother’s taste in music always influenced him growing up.  Artists like Prince, Whitney Houston, and Teddy Pendergrass were some of his earliest influences.

After high school, Zaiah went on to college to study Biology with hopes of becoming a doctor.  However, his passion for music soon took over and he was faced with the tough decision of continuing his studies or following his dreams.  Zaiah decided it was now or never, so he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he would pursue music.  I am from a smaller city where everybody usually knows what is going on with the next individual. I was ashamed to return to my city without a degree, but once I felt that God instilled this goal in my heart, I had a drive that superseded my prideful thoughts,” he shares.

With the soulful and infectious voice that Zaiah has, he has nothing to worry about because there is so much to love!  Zaiah shares that his favorite thing about music is the fact that he is able to touch so many people with his voice.  His ultimate goal would be to have more time to dedicate to his music and make it his full time job, but for now he is happy being able to reach new audiences every day. “Talking to people about life experiences and encouraging others to follow their hearts, goals, and dreams is very important,” says Zaiah.    

Zaiah wants to be able to give back with his music, noting that it is important to be honest when expressing himself as an artist, something that he learned from his biggest role model: his grandmother.  Although he fights for his dream every day, Zaiah admits that is not easy, especially because in the past he has been extremely critical of himself.  It takes a strong person to produce something you believe is great, yet still receive negativity from others,” he says, and it is this vulnerability that makes being an artist so special.   

Zaiah is now working on creating new music and expanding his following, “I think people can expect to hear and see more confidence in who I am as an artist,” he says.

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