Monday, June 29, 2015

Anna Luxion: Connect and Think

Anna Luxion, is a singer/songwriter who has taken her music to new heights through her fearless pursuit to make quality music.  While some people know all along that they are meant to be in the spotlight, it took Anna some time to come to the realization that music was her thing, but music always came naturally to her.  As a child, Anna’s interest in music started with playing the guitar and by the time she got to college she inched closer and closer to the idea of doing music full time. Finally she decided to take some music classes, and eventually became a Theory/Composition major with a minor in Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University.  Anna’s vast knowledge of music and passion for raw emotion in song lead her to realize, “I can use the "textbook" side of music to enhance those emotions that I'm trying to get across.”

Anna’s music never goes without much thought and precise vision.  Her recent single, Magpies, tells of the importance of looking beyond material things and into the more important things in life.  I had been thinking a lot about how focused we can be on material ideas and objects,” says Anna, “[magpies] are birds most known for their obsession with shiny things, even if the things themselves are worthless,” hence the song’s title.  Magpies is the first single off of Anna’s second album that she hopes to have out early next year (*fingers crossed*)!

After being in LA for only a couple of months, Anna is adjusting nicely to the new environment, allowing herself to embrace the talent she is constantly surrounded by and use the success and hard work of others as motivation to keep working toward her own goals.  In the future, Anna plans on working hard to release new music for her audience, as she continues working toward improving as an artist. 

Anna’s music goes beyond being a pretty sound, her lyrics are filled with purpose, “I think, in this life, certain people are given gifts and talents and opportunities, in order to fill roles. And I feel like one of my roles is to help people connect and think.”

Connect with Anna Luxion:
Facebook: Anna Luxion Music
Instagram: @AnnaLuxion
Twitter: @AnnaLuxion

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