Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Semi Precious Weapons: Aviation

Justin, Dan, Stevy, and Cole.  Four artists who have blended to make the perfect rock and roll fusion that is, Semi Precious Weapons.  The four started off as music school friends with their hearts set on becoming a respected, well-known artists that people can relate to.  Five years into this friendship, the four decided that they would move to NYC and pursue their dream together.

The name Semi Precious Weapons is catchy to say the least, but lead singer, Justin admits that his original intent was to name the band Semi Precious.  However, he later decided to add the word ‘weapons’ to give it a more rock and roll edge as per his father’s suggestion. 

Recently, the band released their album entitled “Aviation”, a title that came from the album’s natural theme of celestial inspiration.  “The word Aviation has an element of vintage glamour, and sums up that feeling of looking up and moving forward,” explains Justin.  The first single off of the album, “Aviation High”, marked the start of what promises to be an inspirational and empowering set of songs. 

Of all the songs on the album though, Justin names his favorite as “Healed” with no reason in particular simply saying, “I love the lyrics, I love singing it, and the sonic world my band members created around the vocals feels so special.” 

Along with the release of this album, the band is excited to be able to perform at different radio festivals all across the United States, and hope to soon expand their fan interaction to countries outside of the U.S. as well.

Be sure to check out the "Aviation High" which is the Single of the Week and can be downloaded for FREE by clicking here.

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Tumblr:  SPWeapons

Friday, April 11, 2014

Johnny Petrop: That Felt Good

When we first heard from Johnny Petrop, he was simply starting his rap career with one single and a dream the size of the largest ocean. Now, about a year later, Johnny has finally released his very first mixtape titled “That Felt Good”, and is hoping to gain new fans and the respect of the public.  While he anticipated the album’s release to be much sooner, Johnny admits that the entire process of creating “That Felt Good” was an inexplicable learning experience that he will carry with him throughout his career.

 “That Felt Good” was released on March 5th and since then Johnny has been working hard to promote himself and be heard.   However, the moving title to this project does have a story behind it as Johnny himself explains, “I always knew I loved this and to actually act on it—to go and follow a dream is one of the hardest things I think anyone does.  To go chase that—that felt good—to go out there and become my own man.”

The project consists of 16 tracks, all of which Johnny admits that he loves.  However he was able to single out a favorite song: Papou, featuring TJ Fox, another artist featured on A Vocal Accord.  In the process of making his mixtape, Johnny’s grandfather passed away, someone who has played an instrumental role in molding him into the man he is today.  “It was the first time I cried when recording a song” he says “that’s how much emotion was in this song.”  Johnny’s goal was to incorporate as much of his grandfather as he could into the song in order to make it as close to perfect as he could.

In the coming months, Johnny has different performances and all different kinds of promo in the works for his fans.  He is working diligently to make sure that his music is able to hit the ears of many and even reveals that he has something new coming out very soon.  “I didn’t stop at ‘That Felt Good’—I want to keep the ball rolling.”

If you want to see Johnny live be sure to check him out TOMORROW at 10pm at The Recovery Room in Flushing.  He’s excited to get everyone pumped and ready to kick off Spring Break!