Monday, October 27, 2014

Hayley Solano: Resilient, Fearless and Selfless

Being shy is a quality that many people are faced with, especially while growing up.  For 22 year old singer, songwriter Hayley Solano however, the challenge of being shy was channeled into something that she loves.  By sharing her music with the world despite her timid nature, Hayley proves that she is resilient, fearless and selfless.

As a child, Hayley was always singing, and sought to channel her thoughts into journal writings so it was only natural for her to take the passion for song and the impulse to write and marry them to form the perfect mix. “There came a point when I realized that if I shared my feelings with others, I could potentially inspire and help listeners feel more understood,” she shares.  Since then, she has been able to step out of her shell and embrace audiences by sharing her story. Hayley encourages other artists like herself who may be shy to step out of their shell and imagine what it would be like if their favorite artist would have kept that gift to themselves, saying, “I think it's really important to consider the significant role artists play in so many lives.  I truly believe there is always a heart out there waiting to be touched by your story.”

Furthermore, Hayley is fascinated and inspired by change.  She says that while change is something that we all face in our lives, it often leaves us feeling as though we are alone-may it be a breakup, changing schools, or moving to a new town.  Her music aims to comfort people in these times of change, where they may be feeling lonely.  “Many of the topics I cover have to do with those dramatic occurrences that make us feel lonely because by sharing them, I hope to make others realize there are so many others who feel the same way they do.”

Hayley’s music provides a unique experience, “I think my music is unique in that it's characterized as very stripped down, raw, and genuine. It's just my guitar and I telling stories about my favorite memories, people I've known, and beautiful experiences I've had. I think the honesty of it all is what really resonates with people.”  In the coming months, Hayley will be releasing a new video for her single “It Was Good”—something she is extremely excited to share with everyone.


Connect with Hayley Solano:
YouTube Hayley Solano
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Emily Muli: Altruistic, Talented and Studious

At the tender age of 19, Emily Muli is taking on music in an altruistic and studious way.  The young singer/songwriter has been up on stage singing and reciting church hymns since the age of three, and she plans to continue this miniature legacy that she has created.  Emily resides in New Zealand, and is studying Commerce and Music, all the while trying to spread a positive and uplifting message through her music.

A passion for putting pen to paper is what made Emily truly confirm that music was the path down which she wanted to travel.  “Growing up I was always busy with dance and school, but music and songwriting was always the one thing I would turn to when I had time,” says Emily.  Today, she combines that love with her studies which she says is something she is grateful for “I am lucky that my music classes require me to write songs - this has been so rewarding and I am finding myself writing songs I wouldn't have written if I just studied commerce.”

Another passion of Emily’s is the standing up for social injustices, not just within her country, but around the world! She currently holds the position of “World Vision New Zealand 2015 World Faith Ambassador”, a program that allows young leaders to travel to other parts of the world and stand up for social injustices.  “Being grounded in my faith also helped me to realize that giving and helping is a lot more rewarding than keeping everything I have to myself, ESPECIALLY love. With music, I love to write about things that I experience or things that stir deep within the soul, so I know that my music will definitely portray my passions and also what I want to change,” she shares.

Emily identifies herself as a neo-soul artist, but admits that this is not the only place she sees herself—this title comes from soul, reggae and R&B influences that surrounded her while growing up, “I think they’re all infused in my music.”  In the near future, Emily will be releasing more music and says that while school may keep her busy, there is nothing that can keep her away from doing what she loves. 

Connect with Emily:
SoundCloud: Emily Muli
YouTube: EmilyCbswy
Twitter: @emilymuli
Instagram: @emilymuli

Thursday, October 16, 2014

LIVE SHOW IN NYC: Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band

WHO:  Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band

WHAT: If you're looking for something fun to do this Friday night in NYC you might want to head over to The Bitter End (Friday, October 17th) at 7pm.  Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band are kicking off a full night of music, and they are planning to deliver a set of heavy hitters for the crowd. The guys will also be performing a brand new song which Frankie wrote over the summer so head over, and have some fun!!

WHEN: Friday, October 17th at 7pm

WHERE: The Bitter End NYC
147 Bleeker Street
New York, NY 10012

AGE: 18+
COVER: $10

Wondering what you're in for?  Here's a look at a past performance!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: New Marc Anthony Video 10/16

The National Program Al Rojo Vivo Will Premiere
Exclusively on October 16, Followed by Titulares y Más,
Un Nuevo Día, Acceso Total and Suelta La Sopa

NEW YORK (October 14, 2014) – MARC ANTHONY announced today the official premiere of the video for his new single “Flor Pálida” (Pale Flower).  The video, which will debut on Telemundo October 16th and on Mund2 and the digital video platform,, on October 17th, was filmed in various locations of La Romana, Dominican Republic, including the barrio of Higüey, the Cañaverales de Central Romana, and Altos de Chavón in Casa de Campo.  The video includes the special participation of Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima.  

Flor Pálida,” the video, was directed by Alejandro Pérez for the production companies First Row Entertainment and Cinergy Productions. It was filmed in a period of two days this past August with the combined participation of 80 people, between production and dancers.

Model Shannon de Lima shares the lead role with MARC ANTHONY, in a story set in the countryside among natural elements, with a reverence to a friendship with the campesinos (country people), who are witnesses to the love story born from a brief encounter. The video culminates in a simple, beautiful ceremony in one of the historic churches of La Romana.

Composed by the late Polo Montañez, “Flor Pálida” is the third single from the album Marc Anthony 3.0,  which has won awards including: 10 Premios Billboard de la Música Latina, 3 Billboard Music Awards, 1 American Music Award, and 5 Premio Lo Nuestro, among others.  

MARC ANTHONY is currently performing in the United States and Latin America on his Cambio de Piel tour.  


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Meg Scully: Broadway and Bright Lights

It started as an interest, that turned into a dream, mixed in with a dose of confidence—today, singer and actress, Meagan Scully, is going full steam ahead toward her dream of becoming one of the greats to hit the Broadway stage.  "It wasn't until I was fourteen that I really became enamored with Broadway and ever since then I've pictured myself doing nothing else,” says Meagan.  She dreams to one day be able to transmit an infectious sense of happiness through her work and be able to inspire all who see her through performance.

While Broadway is the ultimate goal, Meagan has gotten her experience and confidence from a very particular place—singing the national anthem at local sporting events.  “Looking back on the eight years of singing the national anthem I can see how much I have grown and how much my voice has matured,” she shares; however, her heart remains on Broadway and with good reason.  Meagan shared that a 2011 performance as Joanna in the play Rent truly allowed her to see what it is like to move a crowd through her passion of performance.    

Meagan remains humble, sharing that her parents are and always have been her biggest motivation in pursuing her dreams.  She hopes to one day look down to the front row of the mezzanine and see her parents staring back, proudly telling those sitting beside them that Meagan is their daughter.  She also mentioned Broadway actress Sierra Boggess as a true inspiration, as well as her vocal coach, John Corrie, who she can never forget, saying, “I have no idea where I would be without his teaching and guidance and when the time comes I will make sure he is sitting right next to my parents. Only he will be saying: She was my vocal student."

Upon graduating college, this coming May, Meagan plans to audition for Disney in hopes gaining new opportunities and more exposure.  She will also be doing more to improve her vocals, and share her voice with others, especially over the Internet.  “I am a very motivated person who does not take no for an answer…someday I will be performing on a Broadway stage. Just wait and see.”   

Connect with Meg Scully:
Instagram:  @MegScully18

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vic de Leon: Overcoming Obstacles

The young and vibrant singer/songwriter, Vic de Leon is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and reaching for the stars.  From struggling with his weight, to trying to find the right way to connect with his music, the rising star has found ways to persevere in every aspect of his life and will stop at nothing to meet his goals.

Vic has been surrounded by music from an early age whether it was at home or in school he was constantly singing and performing for others, so it was no surprise that he was voted most likely to be famous in his high school yearbook.  Both of Vic’s parents have good singing voices so it was only natural to pick up on this talent, as he got older. 

De Leon describes weight loss as the biggest challenge and learning experience for him in this industry highlighting that the industry’s command for top notch appearances as something that he took into account on his journey downward, from 300 pounds! “I aim to inspire other kids, teens and adults that are struggling with obesity. I found that focusing on losing the weight as opposed to focusing on all the negative attention and thoughts that came from it, would ultimately make me happier and better at reaching my goals,” he shares.   As an artist, Vic de Leon’s overall goal is to inspire and motivate all people to work toward their goals and says that we are all capable of making beautiful things happen for ourselves if we are focused and determined.

Vic de Leon’s recent single, “Here and Now” tells the story of a man who loves his woman “here and now then and after” lending itself to smooth vocals and a gentle strum of the guitar.  Vic shared the difficulty of transmitting this loving and gentle energy while recording, saying, “I started to visualize my mother, old and in her death bed telling me her last words while I was singing this song for her. I had flash backs of myself as a kid and all the things she would do for me. I would hope to give my kids someday the same love she gives me now, I broke down in tears while I was recording the song.”  The tears did the trick, giving the song the touching and heartfelt sentiment it needed. 

Vic’s ultimate goal is to become a household name and be able to transmit his energy and passion for his work to the masses.  “Making a difference in people lives would mean the world to me,” he says and stays humble in his ways stressing the love he has for all of his fans and supporters.  His humble nature and positive outlook is something that resonates with all who hear him and is sure to make an impact on many more as time goes on.

Connect with Vic de Leon:
Twitter @IAMVicDeLeon
Instagram @vicdeleon

Youtube Channel Big Victor Joel

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