Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marc Anthony: Salsa Legend and Music Icon

Today, world known Latin crossover mega star, singer, songwriter, actor, and producer, Marc Anthony released his first salsa album in almost a decade.  The album, entitled “3.0” has ten tracks filled with a sound that will penetrate your being and assure you that real music is still alive.  This album will make you want to sing, dance, laugh, and cry all at the same time.  From Marc’s stunning voice, to the carefully constructed lyrics, along with perfectly orchestrated arrangements, “3.0” is nothing short of excellence and exactly what his fans have been begging for. 

“It’s sort of like a stream of consciousness…each one of these arrangements is what happened that day…that’s what I love about this particular album,” says Marc as he recalls the experience of creating “3.0”. 

When he was younger, Marc struggled with his speech due to a heavy stutter, however when he sang that stutter went away.  “[Singing] became my key to a decent existence because when you stutter and you’re small, skinny, wear glasses, and grow up in East Harlem you either have to learn how to fight or sing…I learned both…. just in case they didn’t like the song I was singing.” he laughed.

Armed with jokes and his naturally cool, simple demeanor Marc admits that he feels there is so much left to do in his career, “I work like I am just starting, always” he says.

Through such a long successful career, Marc admits that there is one thing that he holds in very high esteem,  “I’m most proud of… being the person who fought day to day to live an honest life…above everything,” explains Marc.  He states that everything he does is purely from his heart.  “You have to fight to keep your purity, you have to fight all of these influences and I made it through that and I am more proud of that than anything else.” 

His purity and sincerity is well noted and it has kept him on top, infinitely respected by those around him.  So, I wanted to know what his message is to rising stars; his answer left an impression, “it takes many hours and many years to make it look this easy,” he explains. 

“If you want to be an artist it means you have a point of view.   You can’t want to become an artist to be famous, you can’t want to become an artist to have a nice house,“ Marc says even stating that those who want to enter the industry and have these intentions should simply stay home. 

Why? It’s simple, “because there are times when you won’t even have [anything] to eat, and you can’t rub two nickels together and I’ve been there,” he says “It’s going to seem bleak, it’s going to seem dark but the one that survives, the one that gets through… that is the one that is heard… if you want to be an artist you’ll be heard some way some how.” 

He finished by saying, “So my advice is: forget about it it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be terribly painful to hear no, it’s going to be dark, and all you are going to have is your music at some point.  If you can face that, you have every shot in the world to be a successful artist.”

Marc Anthony sets an example for all artists looking to make their dreams a reality.  He stays true to himself and makes sure that everything he puts out is perfected before it touches your ears.  Be sure to get your hands on the album, “3.0” today and check him out while he’s on tour!!

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