Tuesday, July 30, 2013

TJ Fox: A True Artist with Heart

Armed with his guitar and a candid love for music TJ Fox has much to say about writing with feeling, being a true artist, and knowing how to measure his own success.  Always filled with a passion for the musical atmosphere, TJ admits that singing was not always his area of choice.  In his early teens, TJ learned the basics of playing a guitar,  “I got bored with just playing so I started singing to myself…over time I was like ‘hey I’m not that bad!’” he laughs. 

Today, TJ is constantly playing at different bars and restaurants in the NY area in order to get his name out there and develop a greater fan base.  His music takes on a combined feel of pop, rock, and country, TJ confesses, “I feel I have a different voice,” and surely he does.  Taking after the well-known artist, Chris Daughtry, which he looks up to for his style and inability to be beat TJ says, “I like that he was on American Idol and [even though] he was eliminated he is one of the biggest artists to come from that show.”

Fully drenching himself is what it is to be a real artist, TJ says the most important thing to him is having people connect with and enjoy his music.  “You have to develop a fan base based on what you’re putting out,” he says, “stay true to what you think, you enjoy, and what you like but also make sure that other people enjoy it just as much.”

Fox is definitely a people pleaser but declares writing as one of the most difficult aspects of being an artist.  “I think writing is one of the hardest things to do but when I am surrounded by people who do write I get great ideas,” he says.  His inspiration in writing is simple, “every day life.” 

TJ’s first original single “1,000 Reasons” tells a story that comes right from his own experience.  The song tells of a man being given 1,000 reasons to always be there for that one girl.  After facing a rough breakup with a past girlfriend, TJ says that he had shut the door to everyone else, but someone came along and made things better, his current girlfriend.  “I had a thousand reasons not to be involved with anyone else, but now...with this new girl it’s so different and since I let her in she has given me a thousand reasons why I am never leaving.”

With deep meaningful lyrics and conviction running through his every being, TJ is bent on improving, and advancing his musical journey, “There is always another step beyond what you are doing,” he says “I feel like once you settle, someone is going to be passing you.”  TJ is definitely here to stay, with plans to release an EP in the coming months and appearing at more venues, his future is bright.  He thanks his family and friends for always pushing him to do his best and says to everyone out there, “keep listening, stay tuned, and see what happens.”

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