Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Connor Zwetsch: Living Through Experience

While joining chorus in the 8th grade all started as a joke, Connor Zwetsch had no idea that she would soon grow to love the world of music.  Today, Connor not only dreams of making it big in the industry but she brings with her a unique, compelling style.  “I just try to be honest, genuine, friendly, open and just love what I do,” she says.

Connor’s music has been everywhere with her, and she even had the opportunity to audition for NBC’s “The Voice”, seasons two and three.  “Season two I didn’t get a chance to get on the stage…the teams filled up before I got the opportunity to sing for the coaches.  They brought me back for season three and I was one of the first artists to audition.”  However, Connor was not lucky enough to have a chair turn for her and once again she was back to the drawing board, “Having no chairs turn for me definitely bruised by confidence but in hindsight it was for the best.  My audition was pitchy and didn’t represent me well.  I definitely wasn’t ready for a chair to turn.” 

After some practice and confidence building, Connor is back at it stronger than ever.  Her unique style separates her from the rest of the pack and gives her something that people can look forward to.  “Most of the music I put into my ears was made in the 90s.  I love that era.  I am also in love with acoustic singer/songwriters on a more independent level,” she says. “I think a mixture of both of those find their way into my music, then add just a little bit of overly sensitive Connor Zwetsch and bam! My style.”

Connor’s journey has been a long one, and she has learned a lot along the way.  While she has had countless part time jobs and different activities filling her life she is proud to say that today, most of her days revolve around music; and when she isn’t doing music she is spending time with her awesome friends.  Years of involvement have given Connor a lot of knowledge but she says that every day she is learning something new.  “…Hard work and persistence are two very important things…rejection is nothing but a blessing in disguise…my vocal cords are sensitive little things I need to treat with care…love yourself more than you love anybody or anything else,” these are all little pieces of knowledge that Connor has learned along the way. 

While she dreams of one day having her song played on the radio, and having people sing along with her to her songs at live shows, she really just wants her music to be enjoyed by those who hear it.  Connor’s biggest inspiration, her mother, has supported her through every step of her journey and continues to do so today, “she sits at 90 percent of my four-hour gigs and listens to me play the same songs over and over again.”  Now, Connor continues to work hard on her music and embrace every moment she has doing what she loves.  Be sure to check out her music by subscribing to her YouTube channel and following her on your social networks!

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