Friday, September 13, 2013

Frankie Favasuli & the Big Tree Band: Timeless

New York City…filled with bright lights, tall buildings, and artists trying to make their way to the top of the charts by charming the masses and just playing good music.  Among these artists, are Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band.  Living the ins and outs any other artist in the city would face is tough for the trio, but from one show to the next they continue making progress and getting their names out in the open. 

The group consists of Frankie, who is the singer/songwriter and pianist of the group, followed by Richard on the bass guitar and Brendan on the drums.  After having been together for a little over a year, the three have developed a level of comfort with each other that resonates as soon as you are in their presence.  Constantly making jokes and keeping each other entertained, it is evident that the chemistry among the three is goes beyond music; they are very close friends as well.

Because of their close relationship the three agree that their interaction as a group is one of their strengths Brendan says, “we have a tight sound and are pretty locked in with one another so it makes things flow easily.”  And this flow is apparent in every aspect of their work. 

Frankie, who spends much of his time composing songs for the group, says that he considers their audience to be “someone somewhere” and goes on to explain, “when I’m writing I know that someone someplace is going through that same emotion...” this gives the public the comfort of knowing that the music is coming from someone who is one of them.  His inspirations for lyrics stem from all different angles, “my experiences and the experiences of people that I know and the world around me; everything that I see.” 

Success is a journey however, and band Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band are ready to take their career to another level.  Presently playing different gigs at different venues around the city and upstate New York, the trio simply states that their goal is to be heard, and when asked what the world should know about them bass guitarist Richard jokes saying, “we’re here,” and he is exactly right. 

The dream of success on a different level, saying that their genre could be considered the genre of pop music but they’d rather claim their genre as “timeless” saying that good music never goes out of style.  And while they may dream of each having their own boat and being expensively comfortable, their main goal is to make good music that is heard by many people. 

The trio is now working on releasing a new, self titled project and it should be out soon.  Here you will be presented with ten songs that they have poured their hearts into.  They have chosen the tracks carefully being sure to include fan favorites and a variety of different sounds to really show you what they have to offer. 

If you want to see what Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band really have going on and you’re in the NYC area this weekend is the perfect time to check them out!  They will be performing live at Drome NYC on Saturday September 14, 2013 at 9pm. So be sure to check them out and let them know what you think!  

Connect with Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band
Facebook: Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band
Reverbnation: Frankie Favasuli and the Big Tree Band
YouTube: Frankie Fava
Twitter: @FrankieFava

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