Thursday, September 26, 2013

Royal Clutch: Humorous and Compelling

What started as just a good time turned into a full on job for Jase, Reese, and Kos D who are now the members of hip hop trio, Royal Clutch.  Fun, quirky and ready to have a good time, the three have spent the last five years experiencing a little bit of everything and just living their lives to the fullest. 

Jase and Reese, who are brothers, went to high school with Kos D which is how it all began.  Once day, while hanging out they and some of their other friends began to freestyle, little did they know that the three would grow to love it.  They began to get more serious about their music and before they knew it a group was formed.  While the original group had more than three members, the trio says that they are still good friends with the other members who decided to do other things. 

The concept behind the group’s name is simple but clever, “Royal because we are from Brooklyn, so, Kings County; and Clutch like… clutch?” laughs Jase.  The name was catchy and original so they went with it and made it their own.  However, hip-hop is not always an easy genre to break into.  With so many different artists trying to make it big in this genre they could have decided to go another route but they stuck to what they loved.  Kos D explained it simply, “We grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s.  We saw a lot; Jay Z, the end of Biggie, and then other stuff like D4L.” Reese says, “We decided we can still do hip hop because we are original and we are not afraid to be ourselves.”

Being themselves is what makes Royal Clutch so much fun to be around! In their music video, “Fresh Faces,” you see the fun-loving and absolutely hilarious nature of the three in a house party scene.  “That is all real,” they say referring to all of the commotion in the video; they actually filmed it during a real house party!  They call it the ultimate pregame song and Reese even points out that yes they had fun, “but that is the whole point of it, you are supposed to enjoy every bit of the ride.”  And enjoying the ride is exactly what they are doing.

Currently, Royal Clutch is working on their upcoming project, which they were very tight lipped about.  They did admit, however, that this project was very personal to them and the public will see a side of them that not everyone gets to see.  The project will be titled “The 21 and Up Club” where the trio approaches it from a very interesting way.  The idea behind the album is that it all takes place in one night, and each track is a different part of that same night.  “It’s chronological,” they say. 

Already having seen and listened to “Fresh Faces” off of their previous project, I can say that it’s pretty exciting to have such an originally inspired concept on its way. These guys are fun and original to say the least and I’m sure “The 21 and Up Club” will not disappoint!

Connect with Royal Clutch:
Twitter: @royalclutchbk
Soundcloud: Royal-Clutch

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