Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rochelle Diamante: Tackling the World One Note at a Time

At nineteen years old, there are not many people who are able to handle a schedule that is packed with practice, dance team, school, homework and a social life.  Add the pressure of having to maintain a YouTube channel and attend vocal lessons and you have none other than extremely hard-working, Rochelle Diamnte.

Having a busy schedule is not a problem though—Rochelle is always up for a challenge in fact, facing challenges was what got her into singing in the first place.  “One day we were in the car and Mariah Carey’s, ‘Emotions’ came on and my dad said, ‘this is one of the hardest songs to sing.’”  Hardest songs? That was all Rochelle needed to hear to decide that she was going to learn the song and sing it well.  After practicing to perfection, she showed her parents what she’d been doing and they loved it; that is when she decided that music would be her career, “it just felt right…singing just felt right,” she says. 

Rochelle has an impressively large following on her YouTube page she is constantly being bombarded with comments of inspiration and love from supporters everywhere.  “It’s pretty awesome that there is another way that I can share with just create a fan base for myself,” she says in reference to her YouTube success. 

Singing is not her only passion though, Rochelle’s vision has a purpose.  On her second YouTube channel: “Rochelle Do Tell”, she shares advice and inspiring messages in a kind of ‘talk therapy’ for those who need a little pick me up.  “There are a lot of problems in this world but I like to speak out about speak out about them.”

However, her true love is music and she goes on to say, “Music is so powerful that it can be that exit.”  In fact, Rochelle even wrote a song called “Hope” after the 2011 earthquake in Japan.  All proceeds went to the Red Cross to aid in relief efforts and she says that she still gets messages from supporters saying that the song gives them hope in their struggles.  This is what she lives for, the ability to impact people and touch them through her music, “When you are going through something turn to music or write about it because it is so powerful and so helpful.”

Rochelle’s following has expanded as time has passed and she has even been blessed with two very exciting experiences.  Her original composition, “Queen Bee” was featured on an anniversary episode of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.  “I found out when it was going to be on through my supporters…I was crying and getting calls from my family and messages from my supporters it was amazing.  Rochelle was also featured as a celebrity judge on NBC’s singing show “The Winner Is…”.  Not only was she surprised that she was chosen but she points out, “Nick Lachey is super good looking in person (laughs) and it was nice to see other people who share my passion going up there and doing their thing on stage because I can relate.”

In the future there is SO much more we can expect to see from Rochelle.  Right now, she is in the process of raising money for her EP via and plans on keeping up with her YouTube channels, continuing to interact with her fans.  She is extremely excited to get to work and she’s an inspiration to young people everywhere on how to take on the world and tackle your dreams.  Support Rochelle’s Indiegogo campaign by clicking here: and have a listen to the song that was featured on Dancing with the Stars, “Queen Bee” whose video is below.

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  1. Rochelle Diamante is and has always been a young women of vison and inchament for so many as over the year we watch her grow into this wonderful lover young lady who is the pepol singer/songwriter throw her love and pason of music we have gottin throw some very hard times thanks to her love and understanding and her beautiful song and video thank you Rochelle , Pleas serport her first EP Pleas give make this wonderful young ladys dream come trow love ya Rochelle Hether and Raymond thankyou for always being there girl oxo