Friday, June 20, 2014

Gail Jijón: Unique, Genuine, Inspired

Recations—this is what started it all for the young and vibrant singer, songwriter, and musician, Gail Jijón.   “As a little girl I encountered many reactions [from my singing], thankfully a lot more positive than negative,” says Gail.   The discovery of her radiant voice and ever-present star potential was something Gail’s parents picked up on right away, and they jumped at the opportunity to nurture this gift.  While Gail’s mother made sure she sang at every possible event—from school plays to family gatherings, her father (who also has a passion for music) bought her, her first ever karaoke system.  Gail always knew that her passion for music was something that could take her far, but it was not something that she really began to take seriously until she got to college.  There, she bought herself her first keyboard and challenged herself by learning to play the guitar despite being told her hands were “too small”.

Gail’s inspirations are self sought, “I usually have to go looking for it,” she explains.  Most of her writings stem from past relationships and the trials of falling in love and being hurt, “A majority of the songs I write are inspired by those experiences, others are inspired by conversations with friends and family. I imagine myself in other people’s shoes, how I would feel, what I would do.” 

Gail recognizes her fans as one of the driving forces that motivate her and keep going from one day to the next.  Motivation is key in such a competitive and edgy line of work,  “In this industry you’ll find people who truly want to help you become a better person and some that just want to test you,” she says. Gail promises to always be genuine and stay true to herself despite any temptations to stray. 

Music is an art, and in art you are faced with the beauty of freedom combined with the fear of vulnerability—both sentiments which resonate with Gail.  As a musician, she is able to give herself to an audience, stripped of all societal veils that may come with everyday human interaction, “What’s really cool about being in that state is that although I’m in a vulnerable place, I’ve received so much encouragement, support, and love from people; fans, who love who I am at this state.”

Currently, Gail is in the studio working on her very first EP and is extremely excited to share it with the world.   She adores all that support her and thanks them for their constant encouragement saying, “Whatever your dream is, whether or not it’s like mine to be the best singer I can be, you’re not alone.  We’re all in this together. Thank you for reading my journey.”

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