Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Q&A with Lynx on "Dosis de Mí"

In the past year, bachata artist Lynx has made his mark on everyone he meets.  From his smooth lyrics, and ability to tell a story that resonates with his audience, to his cool and infectious demeanor in interviews and when interacting with fans, the bachatero has captured the hearts of many.  Today, Lynx releases his debut album "Dosis de Mí" which gives people an even closer look into the rising star's infinite potential to be a game changer in the genre.  The album has 8 original songs crafted by Lynx himself (with the exception of "Como Antes" which was composed by his friend and colleague Nataniel).  In the album, he experiments with other genres including pop rock, merengue and even bolero.  

Lynx has proven that he is not afraid to take bachata to places it has never been.  His debut single, "Máscara", mixed elements of opera with bachata.  Lynx's most recent single off of the album, "Somos Uno" was a personal tribute to people with special needs, calling or love and equality; Lynx dedicated this song to his youngest brother Leonardo who is both autistic and blind.  Finally, in the single "Pena de Muerte" tells the story of a man on death row who is battling inner demons as he pleads for God's salvation.  

The album is sure to impress all who hear it, and after working on every minor detail for days on end, Lynx is more than excited to be able to share this little piece of himself with all who have been waiting, and all who have yet to discover his talent.  

What is it about this album that truly makes it a "Dosis de Mí"?
LYNX:  “Since the age of 13, I have grown as a songwriter and I wanted to introduce my distinctive style to the world. I believe that the art of lyricism has been lost and I want to help bring it back and make the lyrics on a song actually matter. This album touches on my personal life ("Somos Uno") and I was able to use personal memories to help me express myself better in some of my love songs. I express myself differently than others and I wanted to showcase it through "Dosis de Mí". I want my fans to know that this album contains 100% genuine raw emotions that took every bit of me to create.”

Talk to me about the album cover.  Where did you get this idea from and why is it fitting for "Dosis de Mí"?
LYNX:  “I am a proud New Yorker, it is the city that molded me into the person that you see today. The album cover shows me overlooking the New York City skyline, admiring the view as it reminds me that this city will always be a part of me.”

What is your favorite song on the album and why?
LYNX:  “My favorite song on the album is "Pena de Muerte" and it introduces the audience to an element that I created called "dark bachata". "Pena de Muerte" is my favorite song on the album because of its unique and refreshing storyline. I wanted to show fans of the genre a whole new world, putting myself in the shoes of a very broken character who has accepted death but still seeks salvation for his soul. In-Character story-lines and dark bachatas are part of my repertoire as a songwriter and I am proud to introduce them through "Pena de Muerte". Aside from the common love topics, I wanted to share a part of me that needed to be introduced in this genre and that was the fearless attitude I have as an artist/songwriter.”

If you could add another artist's touch to one of the songs on the album, what song would it be? Who would the artist be? and why?
LYNX:  “Adding Mario Domm to the song "Renacer" would have been an amazing experience and would have been a heck of a song to listen to. Mario has a very powerful way of making you feel what he is singing about, putting him in this song with me would create a feeling like no other. I get excited just talking about it haha”

What has been the biggest learning experience for you in the process of putting this album together?
LYNX:  “The biggest learning experience for me was learning how to pay more attention to the details within my art. Some of us can admire the Mona Lisa painting but never notice the little details that helped make the painting an historic image. I've lost count on the amount of nights that I've spent going over the rough drafts, several mixes, vocals, lyrics and the recordings of each instrument. I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creating my art but I totally understand that there will never be a perfect artist. You can go to a local shop and find an identical but fake Mona Lisa painting but the truth is, my goal is for my art to be real Mona Lisa painting that you will find at the Louvre museum. In other words, quality is very important to me.”

Be sure to buy your copy of "Dosis de Mí" available TODAY on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay!!!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Luis Figueroa: An Artistic Journey

Photo: @SheLikesMyPics
What began, as a secret hobby that he practiced in the basement of his home has now become a way of life for R&B artist, Luis Figueroa.  Influenced, in his early years, by Latino artists such as Luis Miguel and Jerry Rivera, Luis picked up on the seductive and intriguing nature with which these artists captured the hearts of many and felt that he too was capable of something great.  “The one thing that’s been consistent in my thought process and in my life in general has been music.  I think I have just always known and have been blessed enough to have gone in the right path,” he shares.

Luis’s musical experiences come form all angles of life.  As a child, he participated in Star Search, and then later on was an American Idol contestant.  While these experiences shaped Luis in different ways, one of the most defining moments in molding him as an artist came from his experiences at Berklee College of Music.   “Berklee shaped me where I never ever stopped being a student.  It taught me to really pay attention and listen,” he says. 

The school also introduced him to a plethora of new artists, especially within the R&B world.  As a child, Luis’s mother only allowed him to listen to Spanish music so that she could monitor what he was listening to.  “I was 17-18 coming into Berklee and finally being exposed to these singers which to me now are like my standard of a great singer,” he says, adding that while it was against the rules of the home, he would still sneak around and listen to people like Craig David, along with his older sister’s Blackstreet and SWV albums. 

Currently, Luis is in one of the most exciting phases of his career.  His social media growth has expanded tremendously over time, giving him a loyal and consistent following.  He is also signed to Nasri ofTheMessengers, which he describes as his biggest learning experience thus far.  “They get to oversee your product, so at the end of the day, you don’t want to ever show them anything that is terrible or mediocre that will mess up their vision of you.  I’m always trying to stay fresh and keep them excited,” he shares.

Luis aims to spread a message of overall positivity through his story and his music.  “I just want to inspire the youth,” he says, adding that while he came from a rough part of Philadelphia, there is always a way out.  “It starts with a dream and then after that it’s all about determination and the vision and reaching that goal.”  Luis will be releasing his EP in early 2015, and promises that it will be a surprising, feel good EP that will include songs in both English and Spanish.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jayh: A Different Definition

Singer, songwriter, actress and activist—Jayh is the perfect example of what it means to be selflessly talented.  Jayh’s early years consisted of plays, talent shows and church groups all revolving around the world of performance, art and music.  I can't really say that there was a specific thing that got me started in this world,” she shares, remembering a time where she would sit outside waiting for the school bus hours before it arrived, just so that she could sit alone and sing.

While singing is a talent that Jayh has always embraced, she struggled in the past to grip her natural ability to act.  However, after effortlessly landing a few lead roles in plays and getting compliments from all over, Jayh decided that maybe this was just another one of her God given talents.  “Acting has taught me to trust myself,’ she says, “It has taught me to always be confident in myself and in my performances.”

Jayh’s role models from a career standpoint are strong women who reflect hard work and dedication; Beyoncé and Oprah.  While she says she has always looked up to Beyoncé for her voice, stage presence and overall self-motivation, she has a newfound admiration for Oprah.  “She gives and gives and gives and encourages people. She extends her hand and gives other people opportunities to be greater. It's exactly what I want to do with my platform and gift. Less about me, and more about the people!” says Jayh.

Today, Jayh has done just that.  After endless soul searching and trying to find how she fits into an industry that capitalizes on trends, Jayh realized that she was simply better off just being herself.  She has now created a movement called “A Different Definition”, something that she is very proud of and has worked to realize for quite some time.  “A Different Definition focuses on the beauty, confidence, happiness, and relationships of women through music, media, and discussion,” Jayh describes.  Her goal is to get women to redefine the way they see themselves in the different aspects of their lives.  “I did the official launch in May of this year with the first tier A Different Definition of Beauty. This tier focuses on helping women embrace their beauty by accepting their insecurities. The next two tiers focus on love and life!” 

Soon, we will be able to see a new website and some original music from Jayh especially surrounding her new movement “A Different Definition”.  For now, she leaves us with these encouraging words, “Who you are matters a lot more than who you think you are!  Stand in your truth and embrace every part of you!”   

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Nile: Vibrant and Soulful

Vibrant and soulful in every sense of his being, singer/songwriter Nile is apt to making all who hear his voice feel every word that is uttered from his mouth.  The silky smooth vocals Nile pairs with his unique and intriguing lyrics are what earned him a position on “The Voice” Season 2 in the Middle East.  Nile is a Neo Soul and R&B artist, based in United Arab Emirates.

Nile’s passion for songwriting is what drew him in to the world of music, he shares that, “Pursuing the pleasure of creating something new every time, such as writing lyrics, making new beats, and coming up with memorable melodies that stick with people for so long and become part of their lives,” are elements of his music career that drive and inspire him every day.  

Nile grew up listening to a blend of R&B, hip-hop and rap, all of which have influenced his musical style and delivery.  He notes that listening to the Isley Brothers, Jackson Five, and even Smokey Brown, were just some of the voices and talents that have stuck with him through his career, and happen to be his favorites within the genre of R&B.  “The 80’s and the 90’s era was a great musical influence to me in terms of production because that was the new generation of electronic and midi music,” says Nile. 

After being on the Voice Season 2 of the Midde East, Nile was exposed to a total of over 150 million viewers which lead to more experience in the field, but more importantly it provided a greater opportunity to improve and grow.  Through the show’s efforts, he was able to gain a whole new fan base throughout the Middle East and even in Africa.

Nile’s music will continue to expand, and he is working harder than ever to make sure his music is heard.  He leaves this message: “Music is truly a universal language and it does really connect and unite the world…I hope my story inspires other people to keep doing what they love to do and to peruse their dreams.” 

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