Monday, November 3, 2014

Nile: Vibrant and Soulful

Vibrant and soulful in every sense of his being, singer/songwriter Nile is apt to making all who hear his voice feel every word that is uttered from his mouth.  The silky smooth vocals Nile pairs with his unique and intriguing lyrics are what earned him a position on “The Voice” Season 2 in the Middle East.  Nile is a Neo Soul and R&B artist, based in United Arab Emirates.

Nile’s passion for songwriting is what drew him in to the world of music, he shares that, “Pursuing the pleasure of creating something new every time, such as writing lyrics, making new beats, and coming up with memorable melodies that stick with people for so long and become part of their lives,” are elements of his music career that drive and inspire him every day.  

Nile grew up listening to a blend of R&B, hip-hop and rap, all of which have influenced his musical style and delivery.  He notes that listening to the Isley Brothers, Jackson Five, and even Smokey Brown, were just some of the voices and talents that have stuck with him through his career, and happen to be his favorites within the genre of R&B.  “The 80’s and the 90’s era was a great musical influence to me in terms of production because that was the new generation of electronic and midi music,” says Nile. 

After being on the Voice Season 2 of the Midde East, Nile was exposed to a total of over 150 million viewers which lead to more experience in the field, but more importantly it provided a greater opportunity to improve and grow.  Through the show’s efforts, he was able to gain a whole new fan base throughout the Middle East and even in Africa.

Nile’s music will continue to expand, and he is working harder than ever to make sure his music is heard.  He leaves this message: “Music is truly a universal language and it does really connect and unite the world…I hope my story inspires other people to keep doing what they love to do and to peruse their dreams.” 

Connect with Nile:
Facebook:Nile Music
Twitter:  @NileOfficial1
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Soundcloud:  Nile Music
YouTube:Nile Official

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