Monday, October 27, 2014

Hayley Solano: Resilient, Fearless and Selfless

Being shy is a quality that many people are faced with, especially while growing up.  For 22 year old singer, songwriter Hayley Solano however, the challenge of being shy was channeled into something that she loves.  By sharing her music with the world despite her timid nature, Hayley proves that she is resilient, fearless and selfless.

As a child, Hayley was always singing, and sought to channel her thoughts into journal writings so it was only natural for her to take the passion for song and the impulse to write and marry them to form the perfect mix. “There came a point when I realized that if I shared my feelings with others, I could potentially inspire and help listeners feel more understood,” she shares.  Since then, she has been able to step out of her shell and embrace audiences by sharing her story. Hayley encourages other artists like herself who may be shy to step out of their shell and imagine what it would be like if their favorite artist would have kept that gift to themselves, saying, “I think it's really important to consider the significant role artists play in so many lives.  I truly believe there is always a heart out there waiting to be touched by your story.”

Furthermore, Hayley is fascinated and inspired by change.  She says that while change is something that we all face in our lives, it often leaves us feeling as though we are alone-may it be a breakup, changing schools, or moving to a new town.  Her music aims to comfort people in these times of change, where they may be feeling lonely.  “Many of the topics I cover have to do with those dramatic occurrences that make us feel lonely because by sharing them, I hope to make others realize there are so many others who feel the same way they do.”

Hayley’s music provides a unique experience, “I think my music is unique in that it's characterized as very stripped down, raw, and genuine. It's just my guitar and I telling stories about my favorite memories, people I've known, and beautiful experiences I've had. I think the honesty of it all is what really resonates with people.”  In the coming months, Hayley will be releasing a new video for her single “It Was Good”—something she is extremely excited to share with everyone.


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