Wednesday, September 18, 2013

J'Sun Needs Your Help!!

Back in June I introduced my readers to a former contestant from "The Voice", J'Sun.  Today, J'Sun needs your help in making his EP, entitled "MAZE", a reality.  

Through a Kickstarter project, J'Sun is hoping to gain the support of his followers by receiving donations.  The cool part is that each contributor gets a little prize as in return! 

But you have to hurry!!!!  J'Sun only has until September 29th to reach his goal or his project will not get funded! 

Check out J'Sun's Kickstarter project by clicking the link below:

If you haven't read up on J'Sun then be sure to do so here.  I'm sure that after learning a bit more about him and hearing what he has to offer you'll want to make his dream a reality.  

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