Thursday, June 27, 2013

J'Sun: Making the Impossible Possible

Born in Brooklyn and raised in St. Vincent, the young and talented J’Sun has more to offer than just a heart-warming personality and impressive style.  He is cultured, ambitious and ready to launch a lifelong career.  From a very young age, J’Sun was a part of church choirs, different chorus groups and talent shows but it was not until high school that he decided that he wanted to be a solo artist, “…from there I went to YouTube,” he described. 

J’Sun, well aware of the fact that becoming a successful solo artist is a difficult journey said, “I just think every day is a challenge…with this career choice everything is a challenge even if you are successful.” He stresses that he must “… find that thing to make [him] different and stand out.”  This young aspiring artist surely has the heart and dedication to make a name for himself.

As a result of his mother’s young age, J’Sun was raised by his grandparents for the majority of his childhood and says that his grandmother played a key role in his motivation toward success. J’Sun has infinite respect for his grandmother saying, “… she raised me and I love how they [his grandparents] weren’t rich but they were able to raise their children and grandchildren as great kids… She kept us all together and kept us in check.”

J’Sun is constantly active and creative outside of his music J’Sun spends time biking, roller blading, cooking, furniture building, painting, and even fashion designing. “I’m a crazy individual; don’t be fooled by what you see.”

Creativity flows even more easily as he opens his ears and mind to a broad spectrum of music genres in his own listening habits.  From rock and reggae to even opera, J’Sun listens to it all however points out Lana del Rey and One Republic as some of his favorites in the moment.  Without music, J’Sun admits he wouldn’t know where he’d be and describes how his friends and family are most important to him since they are the ones that support him unconditionally. 

Finally, this year, J’Sun got a taste of what it would be like to be on national television when he was invited to audition for the fourth season of NBC’s “The Voice”.  Although he never really wanted to join in a singing competition, he flew out to Los Angeles, auditioned, and was selected by Colombian superstar Shakira, “she broke me out of my shell with her song choice,” he says and although he didn’t make it further than the battle rounds the experience was promising, helping him gain a larger fan base. 

J’Sun’s original song, “Impossible” which he holds closely is something he is surely proud of. “The song started from being at home playing the guitar….’Impossible’ was the only word that kept coming out,” J’Sun says, “I feel like anyone can relate to the song in any situation. It’s more of an inspirational song.”

What started off as a hobby has now become a way of life, “now that I take signing more serious, I make sure I’m healthy and drink tea and water before singing every song,” he says. He goes on to say, that in preparing for a performance, “It’s constant; you have to be ready to perform at all times.” 

J’Sun’s fans who he calls his Limerz, have much to look forward to in the coming months.  He has an EP in the works along with photo shoots and more music videos meaning more and more of J’Sun.  And to all of the Limerz out there he says, “thank you for sticking with me…It’s like having a team behind you working. They make me want to post more. I love them a lot…” Look out for more music from J’Sun in the coming months and check out the impressive video for his single “Impossible.”

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