Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vic Rose: Rising to the Top

It is hard to notice the struggle experienced by those in the spotlight.  With a growing number of fans and thousands upon thousands of views on his YouTube videos, Vic Rose has truly done a great job at making a name for himself.  Born by the name of Guillermo Perez, Vic Rose, has created a stage name in which he is allowed to transform himself into the artist that he hopes the entire world can see one day.  When asked of how he came up with his stage name he replied, “At first I used my initials.”  However he soon found inspiration from artists such as Bruno Mars and Frank Ocean whose names are a real name plus an object and so he was reborn as the artist Vic Rose.
When he was younger, Vic tried out for choir and was rejected because he couldn’t sing high enough.   It was not until his junior year in high school that he really started to get good, and he says it all came to him from an increased interest in R&B music.  At first, Vic’s family was skeptical about him pursuing a music career, however he says that they are always supportive in what he does.  “They bought me my first instruments,” he describes, and this is what allowed him to strengthen his passion for the music industry. 

As far as his style, Vic says that the vocal aspect of his music all comes from R&B, however he describes his style as, “the rhythm of hip hop, as catchy as a pop song, and R&B vocals.”  Diversity would be an understatement in describing what he does which is why he says his ultimate dream in this industry would be to have the freedom to do what he wants without having to fall into a particular lane.  He strives to be varied in everything he does and is willing to do whatever he can to make sure it happens. 

Vic’s creative process is simple to understand.  If a melody comes to him when he isn’t home he records it on his phone, however he says it is a lot easier for whim to write something when he is alone.  He values the personal space and attention he can dedicate to his music without interruptions.  It took a lot of work to get to where he is though, “At first,” he described “[writing] was forced, because I wanted to learn how to express myself better.”  And it is hard work and dedication such as this that have allowed him to grow exponentially as an artist. 

Being lucky enough to graduate high school with this young talent, it is amazing to see the personal growth he has experienced in such a short amount of time.  His social networks are already filled with adoring fans searching for his whereabouts to snap a quick photo with him and begging for more music.  No rose is truly a rose without its thorns, and so Vic Rose calls his fans his thorns; without his thorns Vic Rose is not Vic Rose. 

Currently, Vic Rose has his own mixtape out entitled "Dream Big",  he has worked extremely hard on it and has lost sleep just to make it perfect.  He wanted his fans to see something new, and for all of them to know he did it on his own.  He wants his thorns to keep an open mind while listening and know that they are getting what they asked for: good music.  “You have to sacrifice a lot of time to get something out,” he describes.  He wants them all to remember that all artists go through their struggles and that he is working on his performance skills as time goes by because he wants to become better for his fans and for the world.  At the end of the day he assured me, “They’re gonna see me successful.”


Contact Vic Rose:
Twitter: VicRoseOfficial
Instagram: vicroseofficial1
Tumblr: http://vicroseofficial.tumblr.com/

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