Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oniel Anubis: Conquering His Inner Beast

With his roots based in the beautiful islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the multifaceted, New York based, Oniel Anubis is a natural at delivering the hard-hitting tropical sounds that he features in his music.  Oniel, who has been writing and composing for the past ten years says, “I am always practicing to improve my lyrics.”

Originally an underground artist, Oniel made a decision to convert his music allowing it to have a more commercial sound.  Making this transition has allowed Oniel to generate an impressive following and has become what he sees as the turning point of his career. “Now I understand why artists like me get desperate about feedback and don’t reach our goals fast enough,” he describes, “…most of us are not ready and have so much to learn about music, business, and how the industry works. It's not all about talent; [you must] also have knowledge of the music industry.” 
With the knowledge he has acquired, Anubis along with a group of friends (including past A Vocal Accord artist Kewin Cosmos), have developed their own business, Beyond Limits Group (BLG).  At BLG, they provide studio time, and photography, among other services for other artists like themselves.  “My team and I work very hard on our own. We try every day to extend our music to new people, from social networks to websites, blogs and online radio stations…every day non stop,” he describes, and it is this work ethic that has lead him to reach new heights within his own career.
Oniel’s debut album entitled “Controbestial” has ten tracks that are sure to get you on your feet and moving.  “The word itself means ‘against the beast’,” he says when describing the concept surrounding his album title.  “In this case, it’s my positive side, (the party, reckless, happy guy), battling my other dark, sad, struggling side,” he goes on to say that these two sides of him were present every step of the way while making the album. Oniel says “Si Manana Nunca Llega” and “Te Dare” are just some of the songs on the album that allowed him to step out of his comfort zone and express his music in a more melodic manner.  “It was a great challenge for me, but I got really comfortable with this new style and was amazed at how the people accepted me and started to support me.”
While he loves what he does, Oniel confesses, “Oniel Anubis is a character created by Oniel Rosario. I’m not really a cocky, asshole like Oniel Anubis shows sometimes. I am very shy and sometimes people misunderstand it when I don't open up too much to them or when I don’t know what to say back when girls flirt with me,” he laughs.  This character he has created is the face of his music and although he is shy on the inside, this is a perfect example of how Oniel is finding ways to conquer his inner beast.
After years of hard work, Oniel Anubis now has fans constantly asking for more music and encouraging his success.  “Someone told me once ‘the people will guide you and make you the artist you are meant to be,” says Oniel and he is confident that as long as he remains grounded, his fans will help him continue to grow as an artist.
So what is Oniel’s ultimate dream? He says he is living it right now: making music in his own studio and knowing the industry.  His new mission is simple, “keep working hard for my family and friends and show this generation of kids that you can do something positive and be whoever you want if you set your mind to it and go for it.”  

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