Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Amanda Luv "La Hawaiiana": Her Music, Her Life

Coming from a family that was always surrounded by music, Amanda Luv, “La Hawaiiana” was bound to land somewhere in the music industry.  Amanda’s father, who was in the military, strongly influenced the way that Amanda views the music industry today and was even the one who discovered her placid voice at the tender age of five.  “He started noticing the talent that I had,” she explains “I come from a very musical family.”

With half Hawaiian and half Pilipino roots, Amanda points out that her music style is not only unique but it is also versatile and she is ready to throw herself into any genre that she sees fit.  “I fell into reggaeton,” she describes, “…[but] I sing everything…hip hop, R&B, country, Pilipino, I sing everything… If I like the beat I’m going to make a song to it.”  At the time, Amanda’s current focus is her single, “Acercate,” which has a catchy beat that will get anyone moving.  “It’s a really fun club song, “ she says and plans on working on more fun but relatable music in the future.

In fact, Amanda believes real life stories are just what the music industry needs right now. “Everybody sings about the clubs and the girls and things like that.  We need to start singing about what is true and what’s happening in the world…what we go through on a daily basis.  Not only love but our everyday experiences,” says Amanda and this is exactly what she plans to bring to the industry as she continues to grow as an artist. 

It is not all about music in Amanda’s daily life though, moreover, her inspiration stems from four very special people…her children. While being a mother of four is a full time job on its own, it is even harder to be a mother and pursue this musical dream of hers.  Amanda keeps a positive mind though, saying, “Honestly, I push myself for my kids, it’s not easy but you have to do what you have to do and you have to strive.”

Amanda’s message to the world is simple, “Be yourself,” she says, “I want everybody to know that you can do whatever you want to do.  Don’t limit yourself to anything.”  Amanda lives this philosophy every day by taking things one step at a time with an open mind and pure passion for what she does.  Throughout the coming weeks and months, Amanda will be doing shows in Tampa, New York, and Miami along with a few local shows, she is ready to hit the stage and show everyone the passion and love she has for her music. 

Be sure to download Amanda’s single “Acercate” on iTunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/acercate-single/id662382514    
Connect with Amanda Luv:
Twitter: @La_Hawaiiana
Facebook: La Hawaiiana Music
Instagram: @La_Hawaiiana
YouTube: LaHawaiianaMusic 

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