Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Romeo Santos: Formula Volume 2 Release

Today, King of Bachata Romeo Santos releases his second solo album, Formula Volume 2.  The star has proven resilient, breaking boundaries in the world of bachata since his early days in the group, Aventura.  Now, with significant time and experience under his belt, he has been able to work with the likes of Marc Anthony, Drake, Nicki Manaj, and Carlos Santana, among others.  However, while blessed with extreme fame and millions of adoring fans worldwide he admits, “I am a man of few words when I am talking, I express myself better in my songs.  I get a little shy and nervous for these things, but obviously I have to speak.” 

Romeo Santos’ trajectory is lengthy, and in his early 30s he is already considered an icon in his genre, however Romeo considers his songwriting abilities to be what makes him the huge star that he is.  “Everything that I compose has to have credibility and I want people to believe what I’m writing,” he says as he describes his evolution as a composer. 

“In this particular album, I am writing about stuff that I’ve never written before.  I have a song No Tiene La Culpa and it tells the story of a guy who is homosexual and he feels trapped in the wrong body,” he notes.  Romeo, who is widely known for his private nature and separation of his personal and business life says that many may be shocked to hear a single entitled Si Yo Muero on this album, saying, “its probably the most personal song I have written.  This song does have to do with me, with Romeo, with Anthony.  With this song I talk about everything.”

Having changed the genre of bachata since the day he stepped foot onto the scene, it was interesting to note his advice to rising stars within the music industry.  “My advice for anyone who wants to make it in this music business? Above anything, perseverance, that is really important.  A lot of people said, ‘you’re not making it’…and I’m here.  Originality, that’s very important.  People don’t like copies—you can survive, but you will never be one of the greatest.”

Formula Volume 2 comes with more surprises than just the acts featured on the album.  Romeo Santos also announced that he will be performing at Yankee Stadium on July 12th and some are already expecting it to sell out, “I never visualized myself singing in the stadium and to be able to have this privilege, to be the first Latino artist to achieve this, I think is a huge responsibility.”  Romeo expressed pride, nervousness and excitement when describing his feelings concerning the concert at Yankee Stadium, “to me it is a huge honor to be Latino and to represent all of you and I thank God first, my fans and you guys [media outlets] who are always here with me in all of my events and all of my situations—good  and bad it is truly an honor.” 

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