Tuesday, February 11, 2014

*NEWS* J'Sun "Pull Me Down"

With the waited arrival of his EP "Maze", singer/songwriter J'Sun has just released his latest single, "Pull Me Down".  Check out this quick Q&A I had with the artist about the single release as well as his EP "Maze" which is on the way.  

Q: Describe the storyline behind the song "Pull Me Down" in your own words.

A: "The song was penned by myself and song writing duo "The PenUpGirls" (Natalie and Fendi), Produced by Ant Maestro, and co produced by myself. The story behind "Pull Me Down" is a love situation where one person's head is just up in the clouds and not paying attention to everything going on in the relationship. At a point, the other half wants to end everything and leave it all alone and it brings the story teller to a realization that they need that person to help pull them down from the clouds they are living in, but it’s to late."

Q: I know this is a part of your EP which was funded via Kickstarter.  What can the Limerz expect from the final project?
A: "I think they can expect the unexpected from me. I think from doing covers many people expect my original work to be just like the songs I have covered. “Maze” is going to be a maze. I’m meshing many different inspirations I’ve gotten and putting them all together to create the sound I want. Thanks to my team PenUpGirls and Ant Maestro, it’s going to be a fun and honest project. I can’t wait."

With the song released yesterday, and a performance at Joe's Pub I'm sure he won't soon forget, J'Sun has a lot more in store for his fans.  Be sure to purchase "Pull Me Down" on iTunes and stay tuned for his EP "Maze"!!

Download "Pull Me Down" on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pull-me-down-single/id807923894

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