Monday, February 17, 2014

Shiah Luna: Music, Love, and Inspiration


"It started as a dream," says singer songwriter Shiah Luna.  In the midst of her everyday life, the young and vibrant artist has made it her mission to spread the passion she has for music in a unique, way.  Shiah Luna, who has been writing for the majority of her life, says that her passion for music lies in her ability to spread love by bringing her work to others.

Shiah's music is unlike what we may hear on the radio today; her unique lyrical style and combination of pop, rock, and soul are a blend that is not easy to come by.  "[My music] comes from a place of different experiences that I have had, or issues of wanting to break through and open the next page in my life," the singer explains.  However, Shiah's music has one overlying message: "Love; that is truly...what I am about. Love and equality, and us all bringing the best out of each other is what I stand for."  

Her message is heard in her songs, and present in her recent trips to places like Uganda and Haiti where she brought her music to orphaned and abandoned children; something she pinpoints and her greatest accomplishment thus far.  "Bringing love and music out to Uganda was such an experience I can't even describe it," she gushes "it was amazing knowing that just a song could change their lives, or a song could make them feel great, and know they are loved by someone so far away."  Shiah even points out the universal nature of music, explaining that while many of the children did not know English, there still was an exchange of love through the music, "that was amazing," she says. 

On Shiah's Soundcloud account, you can find a compilation of her music that has been a part of her Music Monday releases.  While she is fond of each and every one of the songs featured on her Soundcould account, Shiah admits that her favorite (for the moment) is "Chasing", a song that says, "love can fill your heart with gold, the rich is in you."  She describes "Chasing" as the song, "where I really found my sound and where I see myself going [musically.]" However, she admits that since everything she has written is so different it is hard to point to one as her very favorite of them all; they are each special to her. 

Shiah's message is direct, and with her determination and focus there is no doubt in her ability to spread her message of love and passion not only to those around her but also to people around the globe.  She left me with one piece of advice to share with not only music lovers, but with all people in this world:  "Be present in the moment, and just stop for people.  Just love each other.  We should be inspired by each other in this life and have a collaborative spirit and do more together.  I think we can all go far in our passions." 

Be sure to check out Shiah's music and spread the love, through what you do the same way she does with her music. 

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