Monday, March 3, 2014

Cinco Santos: Passion and Duplicidad

Cinco Santos—five men, intent on making powerful music for anyone who comes in contact with their unique and hip sound.  Their music could be compared to the style of artists like Mana; a raspy catching voice combined with profound lyrics and smooth compelling instrumentals.  But who are the guys of Cinco Santos, and what do they have to offer to the world of music?  I spoke with founder of the band, Lorenzo Montero who gave me some insight as to what the band has going on and what they seek to accomplish.

Cinco Santos’ name comes from the concept of musical passion, “for me, Cinco Santos was a name that I came up with because it really represents that coming together as a band for a single purpose, and that magic and passion that happens when you get that really cool chemistry and vibe between people who are musically fusing,” explains Lorenzo. 

The upcoming album entitled “Duplicidad” is centered on the same themes that the group itself focuses on: inspiration and passion.  Lorenzo says that each and every one of the songs provide some kind of inspiration or spirituality within them, however he also highlights that, “they all have their little surprises.”  He also shared, that each one of the songs on the album come from different experiences that the band members have encountered at some point or another in their lives.      

Cinco Santos’ current single is entitled “Azucar y Amor”, a song about the workings of society that the group has observed through living in Los Angeles.  Lorenzo describes the song as having a tongue-and-cheek message highlighting the superficiality of the society that the band has observed on a daily basis.  “There’s a lot of superficiality and focus on the material…we sometimes find that people like that are more concerned about how much money you have, what kind of car you drive, or what you do for a living,” explains Lorenzo. 

From the album, “Duplicidad”, Lorenzo admits that Azucar y Amor is one of his favorites, however, he also points out one other single titled “Candela”.  “We’re really excited to see how people react when it comes out because we really love that song…musically it is probably the song that is closest to representing the band’s fusion of styles.

Cinco Santos is a band that introduces unique flavor and duality to the world of music through their blend of styles.  “We want people to experience Cinco Santos in our unique fusion of styles and musical influences and really take the time to listen to our music, watch our videos and experience the same vibe and passion that we get out of this.”

Connect with Cinco Santos:
Twitter:  @cincosantos
YouTube: CincoSantosBand

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