Thursday, March 20, 2014

ChrystalChyna: Two of a Kind

Unique in their style and execution, the twins ChrystalChyna are nothing short of charming, talented and totally entertaining.  The two claim their admiration for artists like Beyoncé and Kanye West among others and say that musical influences have come from all different angles of life since the day they were born.  The 17-year-old high school seniors are the first to say that being in the business is nothing short of an uphill battle, but they are driven by passion and experience. 

Guided by their mommy manager, ChrystalChyna say that they are on a schedule where they balance schoolwork, music practice, and just being regular teens.  “It’s like a full day and mom has to make sure we maintain that,” says Chyna.  However, music is second nature to the pair, Chyna went on to explain, “We started singing because we have a musical background.  Our godmother is Natalie Cole and our aunt is Chaka Khan, so we have been surrounded by it a lot.” 

The challenge of being 17 year old girls and trying to pursue a career in music still presents itself for ChrystalChyna, “people kind of doubt you in a way, and you have people who are your age that don’t really understand.  They don’t want you to do it and they don’t understand why you do it,” says Chrystal.  This does not stop them though; in fact these roadblocks sometimes serve as inspiration for them to keep moving forward.  “You have to believe in yourself before anybody.  So that’s our message that we want to give out to people,” says Chyna.

Inspiration comes from all angles for these girls, but one thing they made sure to tell me was that they LOVE Beyoncé!  “We feel like we have a connection to her because like her she was put down a lot too,” says Chrystal, and Chyna adds, “Nowadays there are a lot of people who are good performers but not only is she a good performer she’s a good vocalist.  She’s a lady and she’s elegant.”  The pair hopes to one day get a chance to work with her as well as other artists such as Janelle Monet who they credit with having originality.

In the near future, we can look forward to hearing much more from ChrystalChyna as they are working on an EP at the moment.  As a part of their promotional efforts, they will continue to upload cover videos and share what they call their “Snippet Sunday,” which is when they upload small clips of songs and performances to give the audience a taste of what they do.  ChrystalChyna are not only talented, but they are sweet, charming and two of a kind.  Be sure to connect with them on social media to see what moves they make next!

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