Sunday, July 19, 2015

Foam Ropes: Thoughtful...Provocative...Worthwhile...

“Thoughtful, provocative, colorful, and worthwhile…” that is how singer, songwriter Derek Nicoletto, lead vocalist of Foam Ropes would describe his music.  Foam Ropes is an indie pop musical delight that is sure to make you think, and feel all at once.  Their music has a lot of heart, and comes with an enticing nature that just leaves you asking for more.

Being an indie artist is not always easy though.  Without the financial backing of a major record label and the “connections” that comes with it, Foam Ropes have had a hard time being able to get their music heard by the masses.  In the era of who can scream the loudest, it’s tough to get heard,” explains Derek.  However, this does not stop Derek  from doing what he loves as music is something that comes naturally to Derek and he explained that the greatest pleasure that comes with his music is the ability to write powerful lyrics that can resonate with people he’s never even met in his life.  He also shares, “There are no backing tracks in Foam Ropes.  Each note is from a human.  The thrill of this is the same danger and excitement you get in live theater.  The ride of giving a live performance is something to which I’m deeply, deeply addicted.”

Performance and great lyrics, that is what Foam Ropes is all about and with writing lyrics comes a deep connection to the writer.  Derek shares that the most personal song he has written is a song titled, “Birches”, which tells of the suicide of a close friend.  “I cannot get through it yet in rehearsals without breaking apart.  My bandmates know the story, so they are very gentle and play it with incredible care, meaning and respect.”

Once listening to Foam Ropes’ music one could clearly feel that there is meaning that lies in every song.  From the lyrics, to the delivery and even the musical arrangement, there is no doubt about the fact that there is a true love and passion for music that runs through each of these melodies.

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