Monday, August 3, 2015

Meresha: New Revolution

From the little girl who wrote her first song at the age of 12, to a young lady who is ready to hit the ground running with her electric and unique sound, Meresha is officially a force to be reckoned with.  Currently, she is working on promoting her debut EP, New Revolution and says that at some point in the near future she plans to “take over the world.”

How could someone so young be so vibrant, resilient and full of life? It is hard to tell, but what is evident is that Meresha will stop at nothing to reach her goals.  A couple of years ago, still in her teens, Meresha launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch her music for the first time LIVE at a B.B. King’s music club.  Soon after, she decided that music was her calling and she would give all she had to get to where she wants to be.

Meresha’s EP New Revolution is indicative of her journey.  After moving to the US from Warsaw 3 years ago, she was on a mission to become someone in the world of music—a courageous risk that few have taken.  “The way I am trying to build my career, as an independent female musician, while maybe not unique, is still quite revolutionary.  There arent many role models,” she shares.  By releasing her EP via a new social platform called, TSU, Meresha also feels that the production embodied something special from production to distribution. 

In the future, Meresha plans on continuing to put out good music for her fans and making the most out of her journey as an independent artist.  “Getting fans from around the world and having my music played on stations all over gave me a taste of what is still to come,” she says. Meresha is different in that she has taken her music from start to finish and says, “…the different sounds Ive taken in and experiences I've had will hopefully lead to a mix that appeals to my fans.”

Connect with Meresha:
Facebook: Meresha
Twitter:  @Mereshas
Instagram: @Mereshas
Soundcloud: Meresha

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