Sunday, August 30, 2015

John The Voice: Sleek Talent

Jhoni the Voice is a Laitno urban music artist who is sure to melt the hearts of those who hear him with his smooth vocals and penetrating lyrics. Born in the Dominican Republic, and moving to New York in his early teens, Jhoni’s musical expertise stems from his intuitive love of music mixed with his education as a recording engineer obtained at Orlando’s Full Sail University. Jhoni says that the reason he began to pick up a pen and write music was because life simply inspired him to do so, “From people who tell me crazy stories to minimalistic situations in my life, I write about everything.”

Jhoni’s journey does not come without challenge, as he says it has been quite difficult for him to break in to the mainstream market and pursue his ultimate goal of establishing himself as the face of Latin music. However, he does not let this discourage him and prides himself in being able to release his very first EP, The Jhoni the Voice EP, “It is a compilation of everything I have worked on and worked for,” he shares.

Recently, Jhoni has released two new songs, Dime and the most recent single and music video for El Narrador. Jhoni is slated to release his full Unplugged album in the coming months and will continue to work hard to make his dreams a reality. In the meantime, he has one message for all who read this: “Good music still exists. There are a lot of artists out there, like me, who still fight for something good and who want to represent something that’s bigger...I want to be the voice. I want to be that next thing.”


Connect with Jhoni the Voice
 Facebook: JhoniTheVoice
Instagram: @JhoniTheVoice
 YouTube: John The Voice

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