Monday, June 1, 2015

Zaiah: Strength and Soul

Zaiah is a soulful and unique singer songwriter from Indiana who knows first hand what it is to trade a normal life for his burning passion of music.  Zaiah’s music career started early on—his mother’s taste in music always influenced him growing up.  Artists like Prince, Whitney Houston, and Teddy Pendergrass were some of his earliest influences.

After high school, Zaiah went on to college to study Biology with hopes of becoming a doctor.  However, his passion for music soon took over and he was faced with the tough decision of continuing his studies or following his dreams.  Zaiah decided it was now or never, so he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where he would pursue music.  I am from a smaller city where everybody usually knows what is going on with the next individual. I was ashamed to return to my city without a degree, but once I felt that God instilled this goal in my heart, I had a drive that superseded my prideful thoughts,” he shares.

With the soulful and infectious voice that Zaiah has, he has nothing to worry about because there is so much to love!  Zaiah shares that his favorite thing about music is the fact that he is able to touch so many people with his voice.  His ultimate goal would be to have more time to dedicate to his music and make it his full time job, but for now he is happy being able to reach new audiences every day. “Talking to people about life experiences and encouraging others to follow their hearts, goals, and dreams is very important,” says Zaiah.    

Zaiah wants to be able to give back with his music, noting that it is important to be honest when expressing himself as an artist, something that he learned from his biggest role model: his grandmother.  Although he fights for his dream every day, Zaiah admits that is not easy, especially because in the past he has been extremely critical of himself.  It takes a strong person to produce something you believe is great, yet still receive negativity from others,” he says, and it is this vulnerability that makes being an artist so special.   

Zaiah is now working on creating new music and expanding his following, “I think people can expect to hear and see more confidence in who I am as an artist,” he says.

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