Monday, June 22, 2015

Sarah Wise: Beyond a Voice

In love with the music and moved by passionate lyrics, the young and witty Sarah Wise is nothing short of a well rounded artist.  Sarah admits that while she was always singing as a kid, what really drew her in to music was the opportunity to be creative and release any and all kinds of energy through her words.  “I would be upset or angry and writing a song was releasing that stress,” shares Sarah.

Sarah’s music is a good mix of heartwarming lyrics and a soulful, cool vibe that is an unlikely combination to come by.  Her early musical influence was Celine Dion, however now she says that her taste in music ranges from Cristina Perry and Sia to Drake and Beyonc√©.

As an artist, Sarah describes herself as someone who does her music with a lot of feeling.  When listening to a song, Sarah places a huge emphasis on lyrics and how the lyrics in a song make her feel.  This is something that she tries to incorporate when she is writing her songs; heartfelt and touching lyrics that people can relate to.  In two of her singles, “Toxic Love” and “Forgot How to Say Goodbye”, Sarah says she was able to use personal experience to write songs that many can relate to.  Sarah says that for her, “being able to write something and turn it into something great was a way to get over the situation and in a way boost my self-esteem because song writing is an excellent reminder of a talent you have.”

It is evident that music is Sarah’s one true love, and her motive in doing music goes beyond just making music, and on to being able to touch the hearts of all who hear her.  Her ultimate goal is to be able to tour with her music and touch other people’s hearts in the way that other artists have touched her.  But for now, she remains happy doing her music, expanding her fan base, and being able to share her love of music with anyone who will be kind enough to listen.

Connect with Sarah Wise:
Instagram: @sarahannecw
Soundcloud:  Sarah Cecilia

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