Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jose Fernando: Talent and Humility

Not many of us know where we are headed in life at the age of 3, but at such a young age Latin artist Jose Fernando was already moving the crowd.  Born and raised in a town called “La Canela” in the Dominican Republic, Jose described how his aunt would take all of her nieces and nephews to sing so that they could be familiar with the setting.  He was involved in various choirs growing up and he even learned to play violin; something he describes as a beautiful but difficult instrument.  Growing up, he was surrounded by everything he needed, as a platform to succeed in the music industry. 
When writing, Jose says that his inspirations come while he is showering.  “When I’m showering and the water is hitting me,” he describes as his some of the most artistic moments he’s had.  Partly due to the bathroom’s echo Jose Fernando says that this is the best place for someone to sing.  The simple act of having your own sound returned to you is a perfect way for creativity to blossom.  He says that there’s something about that running water that simply gives him the ability to come up with something magical.  “My best compositions have been in the bathroom as I am showering.”
At times, life hands us difficult situations and in this case Jose Fernando had to deal with the death of his father while trying to pursue his dream.  Although distraught with the situation at hand he looked at this as a way to better himself as a person and most definitely as an artist. He says that every morning when he wakes up he is inspired because he knows he has to find a way to support his mother and give her a breath of hope in her darkest time.  “Many people see it as a disadvantage but I look at it as an opportunity to give my parents the same...” he says that all of the things that he has achieved he attributes to the scarifies that his parents had made for him.
Jose Fernando is not only extremely appreciative of what his family has done for him but he also realizes that there are so many people in the world that are living without what is necessary to survive.  He says that with his success he’d like a way to anonymously donate to the people of the Dominican Republic who need things; no money but material goods.  For example if he knows that a family needs a stove, he’d like to send it over without them knowing who it came from.  He also says that he’d like to develop a music school in his hometown because there are many talented people that deserve the best. 
Talent and humility, Jose Fernando is the complete package.  His ability ranges from singing to dancing and acting; Jose Fernando really does it all.  When he isn’t working on his music he said he loves to write and produce things.  He is a big fan of television and loves coming up with new ideas, and so his mind is an encyclopedia of information in which he is always moving and creating. 
Why listen to Jose Fernando? The answer is simple; he is a breath of fresh air.  Jose says that music is slowly losing the ability it once had to make people fall in love and he plans to bring that back; he is ready to give the public lyrics that have meaning and that move them in ways they’ve never felt before.  He wants to be the artist from the Dominican Republic that lets the world know that Dominicans not only do bachata and merengue but ballads as well.  Here is his latest single “Ya No Mas,” which is sure to dance in your head for days to come.  Enjoy!

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