Monday, September 29, 2014

A is for Atom: Unique and Compelling

Entrenched with a plethora of musical knowledge and a passion for songwriting and originality, Mike Cykoski, the front man of A is for Atom has found a way to display rich, compelling sounds with his love and passion for creating irreplaceable tunes.  At the age of 13, Mike found himself enamored with the art of music and by the time he was in high school he had made the decision to pursue it full time.  Mike moved from one state to the next, but by the time he got to Colorado, he was able to dive into their incredible music scene and said, “I joined a few bands that were starting to tour professionally—I was hooked then!”

Now, Mike has founded the Brooklyn based band A is for Atom who mix Mike’s passion for writing music that is unique not only in sound but in theme as well.  The sound of their music pulls at your heartstrings and makes you feel the essence of whatever the song topic may be.  Mike takes his role as a composer seriously, saying “I think that the most important thing when writing is to just be honest about my feelings, it’s a fight against self-censorship so it’s a process for sure!”  He aims to be able to relate to everyone through the work he puts out.

From their most recent EP, Mike says his favorite song is “White Dress” a song about a rough breakup—something that can resonate with anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to someone they once loved.  “I like playing it live a lot—musicians have a good time playing it (especially if they’ve been through a tough breakup),” Mike shares.  He even said that it resonated so deeply with one drummer that they had to calm him down, “he was very emotional about it.”

In the near future, we can expect two new singles from A is for Atom, which will be a part of their next album that is in the works.  Mike also shares that he hopes to bring in a more acoustic element to his shows, “focusing on the songs and the vocals, going to try that out at my next show.”  

If you want to see A is for Atom in action, you can catch them at Bowery Electric on Wednesday, October 8 at 8:00 PM with the full band. You can also check the website for updates as well as sign up for their mailing list!

Connect with A is for Atom
Facebook:  A is for Atom Music
Twitter:  @AIsForAtom
YouTube:  A is for Atom

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