Tuesday, December 31, 2013


In January of 2013 I began these bi-weekly posts on upcoming artists because I was on a mission—a mission to create my own work experience and to get myself out there career wise.  Now, a year later I can say it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. In 2013 I’ve crossed bridges I thought I'd never be allowed to cross and suddenly, doors that I never imagined would open began to welcome me in.  However, these bridges weren’t crossed and these doors were not opened without the help of others—I owe thanks to many people who have helped this year be a successful one for me. 

I thank God for the blessing of supportive parents (the best I could ask for) who have lead by example to show me the value of hard work, humility, self-discipline, and persistence.  I’m grateful for family and friends (especially the Fantastic 5) who support my work and listen to my crazy ideas; you are all very special to me. 

To each and every one of the artists that I have been able to interview this year—THANK YOU! Thank you for your time, for trusting me with your careers and for being the backbone of what I have done with this site.  You have all done SO much over this past year and I love seeing you all evolve as artists.  I believe in the future you all have as budding stars—don’t ever quit! 

Stefano Langone, your humility will never cease to amaze me thank you for letting me interview you via phone while you were stuck at the airport, I hope I helped pass the time a little more quickly.  Blanca Lasalle, David LaPointe, Yvette Media, Troy Womack, Wendy, Vladimir, and Mr.Popps—all of the managers, publicists and marketing professionals that allowed me to interview their artists, thank you.  Being able to ask questions to people like Victor Manuelle and Marc Anthony (legends I grew up listening to) were indescribable moments of pride, nervousness, and elation all in one instance.  Also, to the artists and friends who have put me in contact with other artists to interview, thank you for having my back. 

Elena Zoubareva, the opera singer and Public Relations professional who gave me my very first internship and equipped me with the basic tools and knowledge I needed to get on my feet.  Your patience and knowledge is admired, I learned things with you that I will carry with me for the rest of my career. 

Lynx—my first (and as of now, only) client who has trusted me to steer his career in the right direction and handle his publicity.  Thank you for your trust, and cooperation, it’s been a pleasure working with you and over the past few months I have already seen a tremendous amount of growth.  Let’s keep up the hard work, you WILL be seen as a star!

Ingrid I have thanked you a million and one times but no words can truly express my gratitude, it’s because of you that I spent the Fall semester at NBC NY.  I experienced things and met people that are forever etched in my memory.  Some of the most valuable bits of information I have learned about the world of media came from that newsroom.

Finally, to you because wherever you are and whoever you are I appreciate you taking the time to read this and anything else on this site.  I’m not where I want to be nor am I the most successful person on this planet, but I am moving in a positive direction and will continue to work hard. 

Set goals, realign your priorities, be proactive, and most importantly: believe in yourself.  You can do anything with just a bit of effort and some positive thinking.  So, if there is something you want, go out there and get it.

2014 on A Vocal Accord will be filled with some new material, a new layout, and most importantly new artists!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Melonie :) 

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