Monday, December 30, 2013


I introduced you all to TJ Fox back in July, the singer songwriter from Queens who had a sweet story and an even sweeter sound.  Since his interview with A Vocal Accord, TJ has been keeping busy in the studio writing and releasing new material in preparation for his fans to hear as well as playing various gigs.  His two latest songs are: "Leave it All Behind" and "The Last Good Memory"

Check out what TJ had to say:

Best of 2013: "A lot of great things happened in 2013.  I have been insanely busy basically gigging 4-5 nights a week anywhere from Manhattan to the Hamptons, in bars or parties, whoever needs music!  One of the highlights I would say was being able to participate in the CBGB Festival.  I played two separate gigs affiliated with CBGB and I felt like that is a great addition to my resume.  Also, new music will be coming more often as I have a steady schedule with the producer I work with so stay tuned!"

Coming in 2014: "I will be working on multiple projects in 2014.  Projects such as my own original music, and hopefully featuring in other artists music to produce a nice collaboration.  Other than that, just continuing the gigging scene and getting myself out there!"

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