Monday, December 23, 2013

Aaron Short: From England to the Big Apple

Experience is something that comes with time, and time is just what singer songwriter Aaron Short has had.  Growing up in England, Aaron was surrounded by a much different range of sounds than what we are used to here in the United States, this has allowed him to create his own unique style that you can hear in his work.

In his early years, a friend of his grandfather, taught Aaron to play the piano.  Later, in his early teens, Aaron decided that he would learn to play the guitar, “and ever since then I have been more focused on the guitar and singing.”  This combination of guitar playing and singing, along with his experience over time has honed his skills and allowed him to truly be able to define who he is as an artist.  

Aaron says his greatest musical influences came from the kind of music that he was surrounded by when he was growing up in England during the 90s.  It was his musical encounters with music by guitar bands such as the Beetles and others like them, which influenced Aaron’s love for the guitar the most.  “The Brit-pop movement—at that time you had a lot of guitar bands and that’s all I listened to, I listened to that kind of music.  I’m not sure that was very successful in America, I think America was more about Nirvana and grunge bands.”

Aaron goes on to say, that the influence of technology has changed the way people listen to music, and even goes on to point out that if the Internet were around as he were growing up, his musical influences might have been different because of the access to music from all around the world.  “Growing up I did not have access to American music so it did not influence me,” he explains. 

As time went on, Aaron had great success playing many shows in England and even being able to have his songs featured on TV.  However, being the determined, hard working person that he is, Aaron decided that he needed to do something to challenge himself more.  And so, he moved to New York—a city with bright lights, and dozens upon dozens of people trying to make their dreams come true. “England is a small place, with an amazing music scene, but then again it can be very small and when you come to America, and you have the opposite problem there are so many places you can go.”

His experience in New York has been quite successful and he says that he is happy with the decision he made to move and does not regret it in any way. He notes that his experience in England was one of the elements of his career that has allowed him to get shows, and also to have confidence as an artist.   [In New York,] I feel like people want to give you a chance, and they want to try things out and that’s a good thing for a performer.”  Being surrounded by the different people and cultures that are in New York has allowed Aaron to not only, expand his fan base but also, expand upon his musical talents and tap into interests that he may not have been exposed to had he stayed in his hometown. 

So, who is Aaron Short? His answer is simple, “I’m definitely a singer guitarist who does pop music—for sure.  But we grow with experiences and with the Internet and traveling you are exposed to different things.” 

Currently, Aaron’s single “Dignity”, which was produced by Rossen Nedelchev, is something that he has done as part of a larger project that is coming in the near future.  Aaron says that Rossen has been a pleasure to work with, “He pushed me to record this with him, and it’s been great for the band because I realize that I like how he produces.  I like how he works and what we have done.  I really like this new song and I like what we have done with it and I want to do more songs in that style.” 
The larger project for this single would be an album or an EP, which is currently in the works.  However Aaron has a vision in mind—rather than it just being him, he says he would love to work with a band that plays with him at functions.  Only time will tell if this dream ends up being a reality but for now, you can catch Aaron playing at different venues all over New York City. 

Connect with Aaron Short:
Facebook: Aaron Short Music
YouTube: Aaron Short

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