Monday, December 30, 2013


Back in February of this year we all met the young and high spirited Alyssa Del-Valle.  Her journey was marked by her love for Disney music and a struggle that almost claimed her ability to sing.  While Alyssa struggled with her hearing at one point in her life, she fully recovered and shared her gratitude for being able to enjoy music once again.  

Here is an update on Alyssa to wrap up 2013:

Best of 2013:  
"My highlight of 2013 was singing at Disney. It was the first time I performed at Downtown Disney, and I was able to work with the Disney Cast members to create a great show!" 

Coming in 2014:  
"Projects I will be working on in 2014 is that I will be having a Cabaret show, I will be performing at "Quad Jam" which is a Manhattanville event, and I will be singing at Disney World again!"

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