Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jaymu: A Master of his Craft

“It pretty much started the day I was born,” says Jaymu.  This multi-talented artist prides himself in having two different sides to his artistic style.  Limits do not exist for Jaymu, he believes in doing whatever it takes to reach his goals and makes it a point to consistently be busy with his music.

At around the age of 12 or 13, Jaymu decided that he would make his dreams of singing into actual goals.  “I started singing and realized that’s what I wanted to do,” he explains.    Through acting and modeling classes, Jaymu was able to become more and more comfortable with himself as a performer. This boosted his confidence in being able to make his dreams a reality.  “I started getting real comfortable on stage.  Not just singing but performing in general and I felt like that is where I belonged.”

It is hard to imagine an artist with two completely different sides to them, especially when these two sides are so opposite from each other.  However, Jaymu is a master of this craft and says that he has never allowed himself to be limited to just one genre.  “One of [the facets to my career], is like an old school bolero style” he says, something he gets from his dad whom he still accompanies on trips where they sing in restaurants and do serenades.   “My other side is more modern—futuristic and has to do with mixing reggaeton with other genres.” 

While each aspect of his musical career is distinct, Jaymu admits that he cannot define one single facet of his career as his favorite.  “It really depends on my mood,” he explains, “Mostly my music is just tied up by romance because I do like romantic music.  So even when I do reggaeton, I mostly stick with romance.”  This dedication to romance in his music has given Jaymu is what drives his passion for music, and the love he has for performing.

The performance aspect of his career is what Jaymu enjoys most about music.  “The people’s reactions,” are what motivate him to keep going and remind that with perseverance he can succeed.  However, his most memorable performance was one he did this past August with reggaeton artist Jory Boy.  “Originally, I was only supposed to open for him but then the day before the actual event Jory Boy said that his chorus guy didn’t come—he didn’t make it, so since I knew most of his songs, I was his chorus guy I sang all of his songs with him the next day [at the show].”

It is moments like this that make the sacrifices worth it at the end of the day.  His motivations, while he says they come from all areas of his life, come mainly from his family—especially his mom.  “She is definitely my main source of motivation,” he says.  Jaymu’s message to the world is simple; he wants people to believe in the power they hold within themselves and to never limit themselves to simply what is in front of them.  “You can do whatever you want to—whatever you like, you can get into it.”

In this coming year, Jaymu plans to continue working hard and creating new music for the world to hear.  However, he admits that he may never be satisfied in his career saying, “I always like learning stuff and doing new things so I just go goal by goal. That is pretty much the point of life.  You don’t ever want to stop doing that.”

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