Tuesday, January 28, 2014

*NEWS* Kingston Releases Mixtape: "Mind of a Gemini"

Check out this Q&A I had with Kingston about his debut mixtape Mind of a Gemini, which he released earlier this month.

Download the mixtape here:  http://www.datpiff.com/Kingston-Haughton-Mind-Of-A-Gemini-mixtape.566835.html

Q:  Explain the reason for the title of your mixtape and the concept behind it.

A: The Mind Of A Gemini title I feel, speaks for itself. I was born within the Gemini horoscope; May 23rd and have always been fascinated with zodiacs and their infamous accuracy. That being said, the Gemini zodiac is said to be one of adaptable, versatile yet entertaining qualities. With this project I wanted to encompass all those characteristics in this one compilation of songs. Hip-Hop, R&B and of coarse some pop is incorporated which allows the mixtape to be a lot easier to digest by many variations of music fans. Whether it be a slow jam, electronic type or something with a heavy bass I made sure there was a track for everyone.

Q:  Which track on the mixtape do you relate to the most and why?

A: The track "Too Good To Be True" has to be my favorite yet most relatable song on the project. With a old school/new school pop vibe this song was inspired by none other than my girlfriend/right hand, and best friend Ivy Maria. Who is also a extremely talented singer and songwriter as well. This track talks about the countless relationships I had experieced that had totally corrupted my outlook of love, of relationships. So caught up in the past that once I finally found "the one" it was too good to believe, basically a "love at first sight" concept.

Q:  Who worked with you most closely on this project and what roles did they play?

A: My man Matthew Ozoria aka "Zone". One my closest friends and music partners that I work with. The man is talented beyond belief. I don't even think he know it himself. For those who don't know, he is the master mind behind the engineering of my music. The quality, Equalization, and blending of the vocals is all done with the simplicity of an old Mac laptop and a mic. We work hard and sometimes spend hours just to perfect one track. He has a great ear for detail which allows him to mix it down meticulously therefore giving each track that radio-ready quality. To be honest I don't know where my music career would be without his help. He is also the producer of the beats for "Slowmotion", "About It" on the mixtape as well as the amazing collaboration with me and Ivy Maria, "Love Faded". At the end of the day, where ever my music career takes me  he's gonna be right there indulging in the success with me. 

Q:  What comes next?  Are you doing a music video or performances that people should know about? 

A:   I have so much in store for people to hear. For them to see. I'm planning a couple more projects such as an EP with about 7-9 tracks, the music video for "Slowmotion" is releasing soon (which I am very excited about), as well as an opening performance for the famous Nya Lee from Love & Hip-Hop at Studio 90 in Newburgh, NY on Valentines Day. 
During the summer I'm thinking about doing a college tour and in the process I'm definitely trying to hit many areas in my hometown of downtown Yonkers. Like I tell everyone I work with "2014 is take over season, all the slack is for those still stuck in the 2013 movements"

Q:  Anything special you want people to know about Mind Of A Gemini?

A:  I put my everything into this project. Every track, every verse has a message. Countless revisions and late nights with my innate determination is what drove me to create this mixtape. There are also a number of songs that weren't on the project which are saved to be released on a later date. Check it out, give it a chance. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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