Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Victor Manuelle: Que Suenen Los Tambores

Victor Manuelle, El Sonero de la Juventud, is at it again with his latest album "Que Suenen Los Tambores" out in stores and on digital platforms today.  The artist, signed to Sony Latin, never fails to impress with his innovative and rhythmic approach to the salsa genre.  The album contains 13 singles including the current hit "Que Suenen Los Tambores" which strays away from the traditional salsa arrangement, making for a unique sound.

While the album is one that is sure to get you moving, Victor also released a very special and personal ballad called "Algo Le Pasa a Mi Heroe".  Dedicated to his father who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, the song talks about how his hero (his father) is slowly losing his memory, saying "...he no longer says my name, he doesn't remember it. Neither his body nor his mind are what they once were..."  

Victor says the song was written in order to bring awareness to the disease but he never imagined that it would have the impact that it has had.  While the situation is personal and difficult to deal with, Victor says that his mission with the song is to commemorate those suffering with the disease and those who take care of those suffering with the disease.   While many may look at the disease as something sentimental and sad, Victor looks at the brighter side of things, saying that he is blessed to have had a lifetime's worth of stories and memories with his father and knows that those stories and memories are a blessing of their own.  

Victor describes his father as his hero because he taught him what it is to be a good person, and he has sure done a great job of it.  Twenty years into a very successful career, Victor remains humble in all that he does, saying that while his trajectory is one of many years, that does not take away the butterflies he feels when releasing a new album, nor does it take from the passion that ensues when creating the music.  Victor also makes it very clear that his objective as "El Sonero de La Juventud", is to make sure that salsa is appealing to the youth.  He explains that the salsa lover does not need to be convinced to love salsa, but in this day and age, the youth have every genre in their iPod and he wants his music and salsa in general to stand out among the immense variety that people now have to choose from.  

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