Monday, April 6, 2015

Bullyheart: Fearless Thunder

Music is the fire that ignites the soul that is singer, songwriter and musician Bullyheart.  The 40 something mom of two is nothing short of an inspiration for all fierce and resilient women as she pushes to keep her dreams alive and deliver authentic, quality driven music.  Bullyheart began her interest in music as a child and from there went on to UCLA Theater School where she decided that music was her true calling, so she followed that voice and created an artist that would forever morph and change according to its calling.  However, at the time, theater remained her full time focus.

Bullyheart did not always have it easy though, and even today she notes that the events of the past are ones that have shaped her into the artist that she is today.  After a traumatic, life threatening experience with her health, Bullyheart went from doing music on the side because she liked it to going on to do it full time, “It became very clear to me that music was my heart's desire and my life goal,” she says. 

Now, her most recent project, “Antigravity” reflects on who she is today.  “I basically hit 40 and got really pissed,” she says and goes on to describe the single as one that tells of someone “who wants connection in a world of increasing disconnection.”  Bullyheart doesn’t stop there, she goes on to share the meaning of the word “antigravity” as it pertains to this song saying, “it speaks to the unsettling feeling of floating in nothingness (maybe not really being here), and also to the observation that many in our world seem to elevate meaningless things in service of nothing more than empty ego.”

Bullyheart is honest and astute in her delivery, not only in her music but, in the way she carries and expresses herself as well.  She is a warrior, unafraid of the future after having conquered her past, and ever growing and changing in the most fearless way.  Biullyheart plans on doing some tours and will continue working on her new material.  “Antigravity”, is set to be featured on an upcoming TV Land series called “Younger”, by the creator of Sex and the City.

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