Monday, April 27, 2015

Jodi Melendez: Truly Glowing

There is very little that cannot be done by singer, songwriter, Jodi Melendez.  Her voice is one that is sure to capture your heart, and it is matched with touching lyrics and a warm spirit that resonates with anyone within a 5-mile radius.  Jodi has been singing and dancing since she was very young, “I would make random places a stage.”  From her neighborhood street, to her very own living room Jodi was never afraid to get up and do her thing!  “I never got nervous because I started out as a little girl not knowing what it meant to be judged or have insecurities. All I knew was the feeling of being free and being able to express myself and I wanted to hold on to that feeling forever.”

Jodi’s bright smile and comforting spirit does not come without hardship though.  After losing her father at the age of nine she was faced with every child’s worst nightmare and music was the only way in which she was able to cope. “As a child you don't understand many things, and being able to heal myself [through music] was a strong realization for me,” and she goes on to share that her wish is to be able to help others mend their pain in the same way she was able to do for herself. 

Having grown up in the Bronx, Jodi admits that she has always wanted to find a way to give back to her own community. While her ultimate dream would be to make it big in music, she says that she really want to be able to start an organization where she helps the youth not only recognize what their dreams are, but one that also helps them to reach those goals.  “My next single and music video "The Hug Revolution" is all about eliminating hate and bringing people together,” she shares.

Jodi’s current single, “Glow”, was written by her managers Rick Agosta and Matt Noble of Big Fan Records, to which she is signed.  The song tells the story of what it is like to be underappreciated and unable to “shine”.  “This song resonated with me because of course I had those experiences when people tried to bring me down and tell me I wasn't good enough,” she says.  The song was also recorded in Spanish, as “Brilla”. 

Recently, Jodi was on Univision’s biggest variety show Sábado Gigante (which will end in September after a 53 year run) as a part of a special remembrance of the great Selena Quintanilla. Jodi participated in a Selena performance competition where she and 3 other contestants sang a Selena song and dressed up like her as well.Of the three girls in the competition, Jodi was chosen as the winner! “I have been inspired by Selena my entire life, and I even learned Spanish through Selena’s music.  It was such an honor to be able to perform on the same stage as her and to get the chance before the show ends,” says Jodi.

Be sure to check out more from Jodi in the coming months, as she will soon be releasing her next single!

See the Spanish version, "Brilla", here

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