Monday, April 13, 2015

Leo Cody: A Passion for Music and the Love of a Guitar

Utah native and natural artist, Leo Cody is a treat to the ears and soul.  With his soothing and charming voice, Leo has been able to capture the attention of many and has been doing so since he was a kid.  Leo started off singing in amusement parks in Utah and Tampa, later moving on to be in a cover band for a short time and today he continues working to perfect his craft.

While his ultimate goal is to make a living full time by doing music, Leo says that he has had some pretty interesting experiences along his journey.  Last July, Leo was given the opportunity to open for Carrie Underwood at a show in Utah—he was selected as the lead singer in a band that was assembled exclusively for the show.  …it definitely gave me a taste of what it would be like to reach that level, and it just made me that much more driven,” he shares. 

Leo’s true love however is the guitar.  He shares that while he was growing up he learned to play various instruments such as the piano, clarinet and the saxophone but nothing soothed him more than his interaction with the guitar.  Leo goes on to say, “It came pretty easy to me and has been the best tool for writing songs with. I just love the way an acoustic guitar supplements my voice.”  And it sure does!  Leo’s influences stem from artists like Gavin DeGraw whose career Leo truly admires saying, “I would love to mirror his music career, he’s had some number 1’s, plays tons of shows, has a great following, but not the crazy fame of some other artists. I feel like I could pick his brain for hours!“

For now, you can find Leo on YouTube, many times seen with his guitar—covering some of his favorite songs of the moment.  He is also currently working on a 3 song EP that is due out this summer and is looking to do some performances in the near future. 

Connect with Leo Cody:
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