Monday, March 23, 2015

Live Hart: Honesty

The art of songwriting can be an interesting one, which is tugging at the imagination and real life experiences of the writer.  While some artists like to create scenarios in their mind and write from those would be experiences, others like to dig deep inside themselves and use personal experience, both past and present, to fuel their writing.  Singer/songwriter Live Hart likes to write on the basis of personal experience, and with her debut album “Honesty” released this past December, she has proven to be just that; honest about her experiences and feelings, bringing them all to attention in this simple, soulful and heartwarming production. 

Live thrives on bringing a piece of herself to the audience through her work.  She shares that when she was looking for a title for her project, “The word “honest” came to mind and went from there. With the production, I simply wanted a live, colorful feel to the album.”

The album, which includes 10 heartwarming tracks that are a sure treat to the ear, is what Live has coined as Alternative Soul, which is a fusion of sounds put together in a special way. When asked which song on the production was her favorite, Live was a bit stumped, admitting that they are all very special to her. However she did say that “Please Don’t Say It’s Over”, and “I’m Gone” were her favorites because their sound matches exactly what she imagined while writing. 

As an independent artist, Live is no stranger to what it means to have to make things happen for herself.  She admits that her biggest challenge thus far is finding enough time in the day to do everything that needs to be done.  Not only are you creating the music, you're also managing a large part of your career by yourself. It almost becomes a balancing act trying to do everything and then do it well,” says Live.  However she is doing just that: making music and doing it well!  Live’s ultimate goal is to win a Grammy, but in the meantime she will continue to create awesome music and stay true to herself along the way!

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