Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Enso Taves: Music and Personal Satisfaction

They say that one should never stop chasing their dreams. That through hard work and persistence, you can overcome all obstacles and become anything you wish to become. After many years of soul searching and looking trying to find ways to make himself happy, singer, and musician, Enso Taves has decided that music is the key to his own happiness and inner peace.

Enso Taves came to know music through the strings of a guitar in his early teen years; he describes his first encounter with the instrument as not only life changing and moving, but also very sudden. Before even realizing, he traded sports and video games for the strings of a guitar and the sweet sounds that came from this musically synergistic relationship. “I was 13 years old when my father allowed me to take my first guitar lesson with a local teacher and after my fourth lesson I had already learned all of the basic positions,” shares Enso Taves, who is able to play multiple instruments including the uke, electric bass, melodica, piano, keyboard synthesizers, flute, and others.

Well versed in everything that is music, Taves admits that he cannot say that he has any one genre as his favorite but confesses to being influenced by people of all genres. Some of these influences include, Debussy’s Orchestral works, Hector Lavoe, Ella Fitzgerald, and Tony Bennett among others—a wide range of musical talent, making for the diverse and well rounded artist that is Enso Taves.

Currently, Taves is working on a series of live performance videos called Enso Taves 1.0 with the purpose being to share his music with a larger audience, and put his skills to the test. “I am currently working on rediscovering my musical self after several years of music education in several colleges in different states and in the Dominican Republic,” says Taves. His goal here is to blend knowledge with experience in order to show the public his true self; as being an authentic artist is one of his most important goals. So now, after having worked countless jobs that have left him feeling unfulfilled and empty, Enso Taves is stepping out into the scene with all that he has to offer!

Check out Enso Taves on Bandcamp: https://ensotaves.bandcamp.com

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