Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Natalia Segura: Loving and Free

As her voice gently enters the crevasses of your ears and warms your soul like hot cocoa on a chilly winter day, you cannot help but wonder where the passion and inspiration comes from when listening to singer/songwriter Natalia Segura.  Natalia’s upbringing is one that not many can say they’ve had.  Born in El Salvador and raised in Australia, Natalia's travels gave her the courage to take a leap of faith by moving from her then, home of Australia to the Big Apple NYC.  While the move came with its hurdles and dark moments, Natalia confidently says, “I am grateful for those dark moments, now I look back and say wow I survived and I am thriving!” 

Traveling has been one of the main influences on Natalia’s musical journey.  “Living in other countries and hearing their music has really influenced me,” she shares referring especially to the year and a half she spent living in Latin America.  She noted that while living in different parts of the world, she noticed that music can take on varied meanings and evoke different feelings depending on the culture; a fascinating discovery for a young artist who is just uncovering their true potential.

Natalia shared that especially in other parts of the world, “a great song…is one that connects so deep with an emotion that is within people.”  This is precisely what she aims to do with her music; speak to the emotions of real people in real situations.  Natalia considers her genre to be within the realm of conscious pop, “I chose to want to do pop because there’s such a wide variety,” she says adding, “I want to have lyrical depth and I want to be consistent in it.”      

Natalia’s message to the world is simple: self-love, and freedom.  “With self love comes freedom,” she explains.  Natalia notes that while she has been through some rough times in her life, she has learned that loving yourself and being free is one of the most important things anyone can do for themselves.  Through her music, Natalia brings not only a variety of impactful topics, but also delightful vocals and a story that is one of a kind.

Connect with Natalia:
Facebook: Natalia Segura 
Twitter:  @NataliaSegura
Instagram:  @nataliasegura
YouTube:  NataliaSeguraMusic

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